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Energy Efficiency in Industry Sector

UNECE provides industry with a clear and understandable overview of non-governmental and intergovernmental energy efficiency initiatives in order to help companies decide which are most suited to help them pursue energy efficiency on their own accord for business reasons.

Policymaker Meets Engineer Workshop (18 - 19 January 2017)
Concept Note PDF
Workshop on Creating the Business Case for Energy Efficiency: Engaging Governments with Industry (13 June 2017), Astana
Background Documents for "Creating Business Case for Energy Efficiency"
Policy Maker Meets the Engineer Workshop Concept NotePDF
Policy Maker Meets the Engineer Workshop SummaryPDF
Policy Maker Meets the Engineer Workshop Breakout ResultsPDF
Policy Maker Meets the Engineer Workshop ArticlePDF

4th Session of the Group of Experts on Energy Efficiency
(31 October - 1 November 2017), Geneva
Best practices in selected economic sectors to improve energy efficiency
Concept Note Draft Agenda Industrial EEPDF


Best practices in selected economic sectors to improve energy efficiency

Best Practices in selected economic sectors to improve energy efficiency
Mr. Hannes Mac Nulty, Development Manager, BG Consulting Engineers
Energy Flexibility - A solution for the European Energy Transition
Mr. Stefan Buettner, Head of International Affairs & Strategy, Institute for Energy Efficiency in Production, University of Stuttgart, Vice Chair, GEEE
Finance and Investment in Energy Efficiency
Ms. Kankana Dubey, Senior Research Associate, KAPSARC
Energy Savings in Danfoss
Mr. Helge Schramm, Sustainability and LCA Expert, Danfoss
Energy transition with use of Geo-Spatial and Big Data
Ms. Alisa Freyre, consultant on Energy Programs, SIG, Geneva
Energy Efficiency as a profit center
Ms. Catherine Cooremans, Director of the Certificate of Advanced Studies (CAS) in Energy Management, University of Geneva
Energy Saving Meters: Using real performance data to drive real performance
Mr. Christian Noll, Managing Director, DENEFF
UNIDO Industry Working Group on Energy Efficiency
Mr. Marco Matteini, Industrial Development Officer, Industrial Energy Efficiency Division, UNIDO
Role of utilities and energy service companies in improving energy efficiency
Cost-effectiveness of energy efficiency programs comparative analysis of efficiency programs
Mr. Martin K. Patel, Chair for Energy Efficiency, University of Geneva, Vice Chair, GEEE
Mr. Kostiantyn Gura, Acting Director, State Company Subdivision "Green Investment Development Center", State Agency on Energy Efficiency and Energy Saving, UkrainePDF
What’s the Role of ESCOs in energy efficiency?
Ms. Fiona Zimmermann, Project Director, Zimmermann Energy Services, Switzerland
Using big data to plan green energy districts
Mr. Gerwin Hop, CEO, Over Morgen, the Netherlands
ElectroWhat: a decision helping tool to implement electricity efficiency programs
Mr. Stefan Schneider, Research Associate, Energy Systems Group, University of Geneva, Switzerland