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Group of Experts on Gas

The Group of Experts on Gas is a subsidiary body of the Committee on Sustainable Energy that examines the critical role of gas in achieving the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals and provides a forum for multi-stakeholder dialogue on sustainable and clean production, distribution and consumption of natural gas in the UNECE region.

In addition to these overarching discussions, four dedicated Task Forces under the Group focus on:

• Best practice guidance on reducing methane emissions along the gas value chain

• Best practice guidance on the role of gas in increasing the uptake of renewable energy

• Best practice guidance for liquefied natural gas

• Recommendations on removing barriers to the use of gas as a transportation fuel.

Survey on Methane Management

The UNECE Secretariat in consultation with the secretariats of the International Gas Union, the World Coal Association and the World Petroleum Council and other industry experts, has prepared a survey of how methane monitoring is done currently. 

Managing methane emissions from energy-related extractive activities is a win-win for delivering on the global promises on climate change and sustainable development: this was the key message delivered by UNECE Executive Secretary Christian Friis Bach in his keynote address to the Global Methane Forum in Washington D.C. on 30 March. Read more

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22 to 23 March 2018
Starting at 10.00 AM, Salle V, Palais des Nations, Geneva

21 March 2018
Starting at 12.00, Salle V, Palais des Nations, Geneva

27 to 28 March 2017
Salle XXI, Palais des Nations, Geneva