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Paperless Trade in International Supply Chains: Enhancing Efficiency and Security

20 - 21 June 2005


Download all the presentations [.zip]  (39.1MB)  



Opening of the Forum

Ms. Brigita Schmögnerová
UNECE Executive Secretary

Mr. Christian Frühwald [Biodata]   [Synopsis of presentation]   [Presentation  1  2]
Chair UN/CEFACT and Vice President Supply Chain Management and Process & Data Management, Corporate Information and Operation, Siemens AG, Karlsrhe, Germany

Forum Rapporteur

Ms. Siti Aminah Abdullah
Director, Technical Services Division
the Royal Malaysian Customs Department, Malaysia

Thread 1: Supply Chains and Digital Information: Current State and Future Trends


Ms. Carol Cosgrove-Sacks
Director, Trade Development and Timber Division

Keynote Speakers:

Dr. Frank Straube [Biodata]   [Synopsis of presentation]   [Presentation]
Professor at the University of Berlin for Logistics and Supply Chain Management


Mr. Mike Doran [Biodata]   [Synopsis of presentation]   [Presentation]
Acting Chairman of UN/CEFACT, Senior Administrator, CERN

Thread 2: Governmental Initiatives on Information and Security in International Supply Chains


Mr. Mark Palmer
Vice-Chairperson of UN/CEFACT Bureau
National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST), USA

Policy Issues

Dr. Panayota Anaboli [Biodata]   [Synopsis of presentation]   [Presentation]
Head of Sector "e-customs", Customs Legislation and Application of Customs Legislation, EU Commission (DG TAXUD)


Ms. Younkyong Kang [Biodata]   [Synopsis of presentation]   [Presentation]
Deputy Director, e-Business Policy Division, MoCIE, Korea


Mr. Karl-Erik A. Svedjeholm [Biodata]   [Synopsis of presentation]   [Presentation]
Director, Northern Customs Region, Swedish Customs


Mr. Andrey Korotkov [Biodata]   [Synopsis of presentation]   [Presentation]
Senior Vice-President, Vneshtorgbank, Russian Federation


Mr. Augustin Ndione [Biodata]   [Synopsis of presentation]   [Presentation]
Principal Customs Inspector, Diector of Customs IT Systems Customs Department
Republic of Sengal

Standards and Implementation

Dr. Somnuk Keretho [Biodata]   [Synopsis of presentation]   [Presentation]
Advisor on Thailand e-Logistics, Ministry of Information and Communication Technology
Director - Institute for Innovative Information Technology, Kasetsart University, Thailand (TBC)


Mr. Mats Wicktor [Biodata]   [Synopsis of presentation]   [Presentation]
Deputy Head, Customs Future Centre, Swedish Customs


Mr. Hamid R. Alavi [Biodata]   [Synopsis of presentation]   [Presentation]
Regional Trade Facilitation Coordinator, Finance, Private Sector and Infrastructure Group, Middle East and North Africa Region, World Bank

Thread 3: Private Sector Experiences on New Information Requirements for Secure and Efficient Supply Chains


Mr. Patrick Gannon
President & CEO, OASIS
Chair, UNECE Team of Specialists on Internet Enterprise Development


Mr. Aleksander Popovich [Biodata]   [Synopsis of presentation]   [Presentation]
Global Head of Cargo, International Air Transport Association (IATA)


Mr. Dermot J. Leeper [Biodata]   [Synopsis of presentation]   [Presentation]
Senior Vice President, Global Product and Carrier Management, GeoLogisitics, United Kingdom


Mr. Pierfrancesco Galli [Biodata]   [Synopsis of presentation]   [Presentation]
Head of Italian Banking Association (ABI), Payment Systems Area
Secretary of SWIFT Italia

Panel Discussion: Paperless Trade: the Road from Vision to Reality - Key Issues in achieving Paperless Trade


Mr. Duane Nickull
Vice-Chairperson, UN/CEFACT Bureau
Senior Standards Strategist, Adobe Systems Incorporated, Canada


Thread 1: Digital Information for Efficiency of Transport Systems


Mr. Tahseen Ahmad Khan
Vice-Chairperson of UN/CEFACT Bureau
Deputy Director General of National Informatics Centre (NIC), India


Mr. Alan Long [Biodata]   [Synopsis of presentation]   [Presentation]
Maritime Cargo Processing Plc., Port of Felixstowe, United Kingdom


Mrs. Evelyn Eggers [Biodata]   [Synopsis of presentation]   [Presentation]
Manager of Sales Department, DAKOSY AG., Germany


Mr. Peter Stokes [Biodata]   [Synopsis of presentation]   [Presentation]
Chief Executive Officer, Digital Trade and Transportation Network Limited (DTTN), Hong Kong, SAR (China) 

Thread 2: Paperless Trade for Integrated Trade and Logistics Information Systems


Mr. Lim Sangwon
UN/CEFACT Rapporteur for Asia
Senior Researcher, Korea Institute for Electronic Commerce, Republic of Korea


Ms. Nurcan Özyazici [Biodata]   [Synopsis of presentation]   [Presentation]
Gemlix Project, Head of the Customs IT Department, Turkey


Mr. Ki Hyun OH [Biodata]   [Synopsis of presentation]   [Presentation]
Managing Director, Korea Trade Network (KTNET), Republic of Korea


Mr. Yong Voon Choon [Biodata]   [Synopsis of presentation]   [Presentation]
General Manager of Dagang Net Group of Companies, Kuala Lumpur Malaysia 


Mr. Velusamy Mathivanan [Biodata]   [Synopsis of presentation]   [Presentation]   [pdf]
Chief Executive Officer, CrimsonLogic Pte Ltd., Singapore


Mr. Kari Korpela [Biodata]   [Synopsis of presentation]   [Presentation]
eBusiness Teknologiakeskus Kareltek Oy, Finland 


Mr. Marcus Hallside [Biodata]   [Synopsis of presentation]   [Presentation]
Chief Executive Officer, Innovative Compliance, USA

Thread 3: Technology as Enabler of Innovation


Mr. Dick Raman
Chairman of UN/CEFACT Forum Management Group
President and Chief Executive Officer, TIE Holding,N.V., The Netherlands


Ms. Renee Stein [Biodata]   [Synopsis of presentation]   [Presentation]
Senior Manager, Customs Compliance and Global Trade Policy, Microsoft 


Mr. Alfie Taylor [Biodata]   [Synopsis of presentation]   [Presentation]
Responsible for Government Europe, Middle East and Africa Adobe Systems Incorporated


Mr. Bruno Joguet [Biodata]   [Synopsis of presentation]   [Presentation]
Solution Manager, AXWAY


Ms. Angela Baumann [Biodata]   [Synopsis of presentation]   [Presentation]
Solutions Management, Global Trade Services, SAP

Round Table: Creating an Enabling Environment to Make Paperless Trade a Reality


Mr. Mike Doran
Acting Chairman of UN/CEFACT, Senior Administrator, CERN


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