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38th Session Joint ECE/FAO Working Party on Forest Statistics, Economics and Management

23 - 24 March 2016

Palais des Nations (Room VIII), Geneva, Switzerland

The Working Party discussed activities undertaken by the Joint Section and provides guidance on future activities.

The video "More Heat with Less Wood" has been released during the Working Party on UNECE's youtube channel. The video explains the combustion processes, wood storing practices and wood usage in housholds in English and Russian.

Find pictures of the Working Party at the UNECE-FAO flickr account.

Documents for the meeting will be published as they are available.


Document Title




1Provisional AgendaPDFPDFPDF
2Report from the joint seventy-third session of the ECE Committee on Forests and the Forest Industry (COFFI) and thirty-eighth session of the FAO  European Forestry Commission (EFC) PDF
5aSecretariat report on work area 1: data monitoring and assessmentPDF
5aReport ToS on Monitoring Sustainable Forest ManagementPDF
5aReport ToS on Sustainable Forest ProductsPDF
5aReport ToS on Wood EnergyPDF
5bSecretariat report on work area 2: Policy dialogue and advicePDF
5bReport ToS on Forest Policy (prefilled version)PDF
5bReport ToS on Forest Sector OutlookPDF
5bReport ToS on Green Jobs in the Forest Sector (ILO/ECE/FAO Joint Expert Network)PDF
5cSecretariat report on work area 3: Communication and outreachPDF
5cReport ToS on Forest CommunicationPDF
5dSecretariat report on work area 4: Capacity-buildingPDF
6Agenda of the roundtable discussion on potential implications of UNFCCC COP21 for forests and the forest sectorPDF
2Report from 73rd session of COFFI and 38th session of EFC-Silva2015pdfmp3 mp3 mp3
4SDGs and indicators related to forestspdfmp3 mp3 mp3
4UN Forest Strategic Plan 2017-2030pdfmp3 mp3 mp3
4Forest Europepdfmp3 mp3 mp3
5aGlobal & regional reporting on forests and sustainable forest mangementpdfmp3mp3mp3
5aToS on Monitoring Sustainable Forest Managementpdfmp3 mp3 mp3
5aSEMAFOR pilot study: resultspdfmp3 mp3 mp3
5aForest products markets' assessmentpdfmp3mp3mp3
5aAn overview of the ToS on Sustainable forest productspdfmp3 mp3 mp3
5aToS on Forest Products and Statisticsmp3mp3mp3
5aJoint Wood Energy Enquirypdfmp3 mp3 mp3
5bWork Area 2: Policy Dialogue and Advicepdfmp3 mp3 mp3
5bToS Policymp3mp3mp3
5bForest Sector Outlookpdfmp3mp3mp3
5bOutlook ToS reportpdfmp3 mp3 mp3
5cWork Area 3: Communication and Outreachpdfmp3 mp3 mp3
5dWork Area 4: Capacity-buildingpdfmp3 mp3 mp3
5dGreen Jobs in the Forest Sectorpdfmp3 mp3 mp3
6Outcomes of UNFCCC COP21 related to forestspdfmp3mp3mp3
6Forest related policy developments in member states after UNFCCC COP 21 - Finlandmp3mp3mp3
6Forest management strategies for climate change mitigatin after UNFCCC COP21 - Polandpdfmp3mp3mp3
6Potential implications of UNFCCC COP21 on forest related research and sciencepdfmp3mp3mp3
6Potential implications of UNFCCC COP21 on harvested wood productspdfmp3mp3mp3
6Potential implications of UNFCCC COP21 on FAO’s future work on forestspdfmp3mp3mp3
7Self-evaluations' outcomes from the 35th & 37th sessions and their implemantationpdfmp3mp3mp3
8Strategic Review of Integrated Programme of Workpdfmp3mp3mp3

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