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Harvested Wood Products in the context of Climate Change Policies

9 - 10 October 2008

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17 October 2008

Download the draft proceedings of the workshop


Document Title Author Download
 Conclusions and Recommendations
Chair's Conclusions and Recommendations  
 Meeting documents
DRAFT Proceedings of the Workshop
Workshop Background Document:
Challenges and Opportunities of Accounting for Harvested Wood Products
Grêt-Regamey, A; Hendrick, E; Hetsch, S; Pingoud, K; Rüter, S
Role of Harvesting and Wood Products in climate change mitigation policy Murray Ward (Global Climate Change Consultancy, New Zealand)

Implications of HWP accounting on Kyoto Protocol reporting

Maria-José Sanz Sanchez (UNFCCC)

HWP vs. forest sinks – CO 2 effects of Swiss forestry and timber industry

Peter Hofer (Geopartner, Switzerland)

HWP - an incentive for deforestation?

Andreas Fischlin (ETH Zurich)

Substitution effects of wood-based construction materials

Leif Gustavsson (MID Sweden University)

Alternative approaches for accounting for HWP

Kim Pingoud (VTT, Finland)
C-HWP Model for Germany Sebastian Rüter, (vTI Germany)
HWP inventory in Finland Anna-Leena Perälä, (VTT, Finland)
Contribution of the Austrian Forest Sector to Climate Change Policies Tobias Stern, (BOKU Vienna)
HWP modelling in France Estelle Vial (FCBA, France)
UNECE/FAO perspective on Joint Forest Sector Questionnaire Alex McCusker (UNECE/FAO Timber Section)
Industries concerns regarding accounting for carbon sequestration in HWP Christian Kofod (Association of Danish Woodworking and Furniture Industries / CEI-bois)
The Implications of HWP Accounting to the Pulp and Paper Industry Reid Miner (US National Council of Air and Stream)
Crediting HWPs: missing the mitigation story? Trevor Hesselink (Climate Action Network, Canada)
Panel Discussion: Impacts and Opportunities of HWP accounting

Hannes Böttcher (IIASA, Austria)

Panel Discussion: Impacts and Opportunities of HWP accounting Christer Segerstéen (Confederation of European Forest Owners - CEPF)
Harvested Wood Products, International Trade and Lifecycle Assessments: Their Role in Climate Change Policies John Perez-Garcia (University of Washington, USA)

Future HWP accounting – key decisions to be made

Paulo Canaveira (Ministry of Environment, Land-use Planning and Regional Development, Portugal)

All presentations (zip file)