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Mobilizing Wood Resources

11 - 12 January 2007

Palais des Nations, Geneva, Switzerland

Workshop Announcement

- Background - Objectives - Target Audience - Organizing Committee


Proceedings of the work workshop are now available!

Download here



Forests have always played a major role in the supply of wood as a raw material for the traditional forest products industry, as well as wood for energy purpose. More recently, in the framework of climate change discussions and energy security, wood gained greater attention as a carbon neutral energy to replace non-renewable energy sources. Policy and decision makers started promoting the use of wood as an energy source. This, combined with rising energy prices, is leading to an increase in wood demand. The traditional use of wood in Europe (sawmills, paper, panels) continues to expand as well. Thus, the competition for wood for bio-energy versus wood for traditional industry is an increasing challenge in many European countries.

On the other hand, forest inventories have shown, that in most European forests, annual growth exceeds by far the volume of wood harvested. Therefore several stakeholders are now considering how best to mobilize additional wood resources to satisfy demand for both raw material and energy. But this has also raised questions about the impacts of increased wood mobilization: How to handle emerging conflicts? How to elaborate ‘win-win’ solutions for all stakeholders without threatening sustainable forest management?

This workshop will also be the implementation of the workshop on "resource mobilization and comprehensive wood utilisation strategies in support of SFM " called for in the MCPFE programme of work (Vienna Resolution 5).

Further background informations can be found in the background paper.


This workshop aims to deliver:

  • Strategies for mobilizing wood given a constantly increasing demand
  • Better understanding of impacts and effects of increased wood mobilization on different sectors
  • Recommendations to policy-makers and stakeholders on these issues
  • Input to the Warsaw Ministerial Conference in November 2007.

Target audience

Experts and decision makers of different stakeholders and countries will participate in the workshop:

  • Governments and EU institutions, International organizations
  • Forest Services, Forest owners, Contractors, Forest based industries, pulp & paper industries and related associations
  • Energy industry and related associations
  • Environmental NGOs and other NGOs
  • Research organizations and universities