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Russian Federation Country Profile

The profiles have been prepared by national correspondents, who express their opinions in a personal capacity. The data are from national official sources or the ECE/FAO database. Each profile contains the following main sections:

an analysis, with the main headings of the general economic
situation, the forest resource, forest industries, trade, prices,
consumption, institutions and outlook; statistical data on the same subjects, with series back to 1964
where possible; addresses of relevant organizations and institutions.

The profile for the Russian Federation was prepared by Mr. Valentin V. Strakhov, Mr. Andrei N. Filiptchouk and Mr. V. A. Mokritzki. 

The secretariat would like to express
its profound gratitude to the authors for their excellent work. The profile is
based on the guidelines established by the Planning and Statistical Branch,
Policy and Planning Division, FAO Forestry Department.