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Forest and Forest Products Country Profile; Uzbekistan

Forest and Forest Products Country Profile of Uzbekistan, prepared by a national expert, contains information about the forest resources of the country and a description of the status, trends and developments taking place in the forest and forest products sector as a whole. It focuses on forestry activities over the past decade, i.e. 1995-2005, with a brief reference to the historical and geographical background. For the forest sector, as for other branches of the Uzbek economy, this period was heavily influenced by the reforms resulting from the change from a centrally planned to a market economy and, additionally, by efforts to achieve sustainable forest management. The profile contains statistical data – tables, diagrams, graphs and a brief analysis of the evolution of the forest sector and data for the principal categories and volumes of goods and services in the sector. Chapters include forest resources, wood processing industry, trade, prices, institutions, and conclude with an outlook for the forest sector. Most data are from the government statistical service of Uzbekistan, though data from research bodies and statistics from non-governmental organizations have also been used.