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Joint Workshop : Does banning illegal logging rule out wood?- Implications of recent trade legislation within the UNECE region for the forest-based sector

13 April 2011


Eoin O'Driscoll and Jeremy Wall


  1. To better understand recent trade legislation in the UNECE region, in particular the Lacey Act Amendment (2008) and the EU’s “Timber Regulation”, their implications for and likely impacts on the global forest-based sector;
  2. To stimulate focused stakeholder discussion as a basis for drawing workshop conclusions and possible recommendations which will be publicly available.

Expected outputs:

  • Broadened awareness of the legislation, its implications and impacts amongst sectoral stakeholders as well as other interested parties;
  • Conclusions and recommendations to be available to policy-makers and others, including for consideration during the future development and implementation of such legislation. (Preliminary (Chairmen’s) conclusions and recommendations will be drawn up during the workshop and presented in the closing session. Further contributions may then be received in writing from participants as inputs to a set of enhanced conclusions and recommendations which will be made publicly available, including to the relevant EU and USA authorities).

Target audience:

  • Wood traders (firms, federations and associations);
  • Wood and wood-based products’ manufacturers (firms, federations and associations);
  • End users of wood and wood-based products, including architects’ associations.
  • Government departments, especially policy-makers and implementers.
  • UN and other inter-governmental bodies.
  • Other non-governmental agencies, including ENGOs, certification bodies, etc.

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Extended comment period

Dear colleagues,
As a workshop participant, if you have already given comments on and/or additions to the draft Co-chairmen's summary conclusions and recommendations (please see attached): thank you! If you have not yet done so, please know that it has become possible to arrange an extension of the consultation period on the conclusions, until close of business on Monday, 2nd May.

Contributions can be comments, statements and/or proposals for track changes. At the Co-chairmen's discretion, they can be included in the enhanced conclusions, either anonymously, or - if you expressly authorise it - they can be attributed to you. These enhanced conclusions will be public but will remain the co-chairmen's conclusions and no "agreement" will be claimed for them. No attribution will be made of any text unless individuals specifically and positively authorise us to do so.  In any case, if you or your organisation wishes to make a significant statement about the issues discussed at the workshop, please submit this as a maximum of two pages of A4-size text, which can be added to the conclusions as an attributed annex.
For your further information, please know that it is more or less standard practice to record interpreted meetings, mainly as a means of helping to write any report afterwards. Please rest assured that the recording of the workshop will NOT be made public.
With further thanks for participating at the workshop.
Eoin O’Driscoll & Jeremy Wall
Workshop Co-chairmen





Session 1: "Putting Legality Into Law"


Why rule out illegal wood?” Why & how has legislation developed in Europe and the USA?

Rupert Oliver, Director Forest Industries Intelligence Limited


EU “Timber” Regulation

Svetla Atanasova. Directorate General Environment, European Commission


How Member States will implement the EUTR

Eudeline Melet
France, Ministry for Agriculture


Lacey Act Primer

Gary Lougee, United States Department of Agriculture, Animal and Plant Health Inspection Service, Plant Protection and Quarantine


The US Lacey Act:
A civil society perspective

Andrea Johnson
Director of Forest Campaigns (US)
Environmental Investigation Agency


Session 2: "Will Business Fly or Fold"

Legislative Impacts on the Forest-Based Sector in Russia

Elena Kulikova,
Forest Programme Director,
WWF Russia


FLEGT and VPA: African forestry sector’s vision

Hervé Bourguignon, Association Technique des Bois Tropicaux (ATIBT)


Views from Family Forestry

Laurent Ackzell, Confederation of European Private Forest Owners (CEPF)


Session 3: "How to Stay Legal"

Risk analysis as a tool for legality - lessons from North America

Mike Snow, Executive Director
American Hardwoods Export Council (AHEC)


A civil society view of how to meet legality requirements

Anke Schulmeister
WWF European Policy Office


Managing risk through legality verification:
Views from implementing TTAP

Alastair Herd, Timber Trade Action Plan


How European Wood Businesses are Coping with Legislation - An Importing Trade Association View

Rachel Butler
Head of Sustainability UK Timber Trade Federation (TTF)
representing the European Timber Trade Federation (ETTF)


Session 4: "Making Legality Understood"

From forest to furniture

Katarina Maaskant
IKEA EU Affairs


Illegal logging
Legislative impacts

Sylvain Labbé, Canada Wood


Does Banning Illegal Logging Rule Out Wood? Making legality understood…….

S. Satkuru-Granzella
Malaysian Timber Council London


How EU Member State authorities could deal with legality

Sofie Tind Nielsen
Central Point of Expertise on Timber (CPET), UK


Conclusions and Recommendations

Provisionial Conclusions and Recommendations from the Workshop and request for comments from participants