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February 2019 Meeting of the Team of Specialists on Forest Sector Outlook

15 February 2019

Koli, Finland

I. Agenda

Please find the agenda of the ToS meeting here.

General topics for discussion:

  1. Continuation of technical discussion from the previous day (developed scenarios, their results, missing aspects, possibilities of enriching the FSOS with existing results from other studies/literature review)
  2. Going back to the policy questions that were developed in previous events and ranked by the Working Party - discussing how current results allow to answer these questions and what kind of additional work would need to be done
  3. Discussion of the content and structure of the final FSOS publication (what kind of additional information should be covered; "storyline"; ect.) in order to make it as relevant as possible to policy makers
  4. Discussion on the Working Party session on FSOS: which input is required and what would we like to present?

II. Registration

Registration is closed.


III. All further information

For all further information regarding background, meeting venue, logistics etc. please see the event page of the FSOS event on the previous day "Exchange of Experiences in Forest Sector Outlook Studies and Related Work"


IV. Report

Please find the report of the ToS meeting here.