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UNECE/FAO Team of Specialists on Forest Products Markets and Marketing

A. Objectives

To contribute to the sustainable development of forest products markets in the UNECE region, the Timber Committee (TC) and the European Forestry Commission (EFC) establish this team to:

    1. Provide a forum for discussion of forest products marketing in the UNECE region. In particular, contribute to the Committee's annual market discussions and thereby advise the TC and EFC on forest products market developments.

    2. Advise on implementation of Work Area 1, focusing on its products and publications and undertaking studies as appropriate.

    3. Provide assistance in marketing in the UNECE region, especially to central and eastern European countries, through information collection, analysis and dissemination, including workshops.

      Expected major outputs

    1. Contribution to Timber Committee market discussions and workshop(s) on extent and cause of illegal logging and trade

    2. Survey, and advise on market-related publications and products.

    3. Study on possible effects on forest products markets of measures to ensure forest law enforcement and governance


B. Background


Joint Session of the UNECE Timber Committee and FAO European Forestry Commission, Geneva, 
5-9 October 2004


    DURATION: From 2005 to 2008

    METHODS OF WORK:  Subgroups with their leaders tackle specific projects

    REPORTING: To the Joint FAO/UNECE Working Party on Forest Economics and Statistics and  annual Bureaux meetings

    TEAM LEADERS:  Leader: Dr. Richard Vlosky; Deputy Leaders: Dr. Eduard Akim and Dr. Branko Glavonjic


    APPROVED BY: Joint Session of the TC and EFC on 9 October 2004