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Recommendations from the workshop on Development of Marketing and Value-Added Forest Products in Countries in Transition to Market Economies

24 - 28 November 1997

Arkhangelsk, Russia

1.  Improvements in forest products marketing education are necessary at both the university level as well as at vocational training levels.  Foreign assistance through cooperative development programmes could facilitate this education and training, for example by improving teacher qualifications through exchange programmes.


2.  The Arkhangelsk forest and forest industry sector must commit to continuing education for training of existing and future marketing managers.


3.  Trends in the marketing environment such as demographic and macro‑economic development, trade policy changes, environmental concerns, and other trends, should be considered when formulation marketing strategies


4.  New marketing strategies must be developed for the domestic Russian market.


5.  A market orientation should be integrated throughout the sawmill production process.


6.  Trade associations should be established among the sawmills and other value-added wood processing industries.


7.  New structures and systems for collecting and disseminating market information should be developed and with this additional information the marketing channels should be made more efficient.


8.  Price studies should be performed in order that the prices of sawnwood reflect the total real costs of production and that prices reflect the strategic advantage of the high quality,  Arkhangelsk area wood.


9.  Efforts should be made to sensitize the Arkhangelsk forest products industry on the importance of marketing.


10.  There should be an increased knowledge of current marketing practices outside of Arkhangelsk, perhaps through case studies performed by university students.