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First Meeting of the UNECE/FAO Team of Specialists on Wood Energy

16 June 2014

The first meeting of the Team of Specialists on Wood Energy took place in Geneva on 16 June 2014. Fifteen national delegates and experts participated.

The objective of the first meeting was to set the framework for future cooperation and coordination, including the election of the leader and deputy leader. The meeting took place on 16 July 2014.

The meeting identified possible priorities for the work of the ToS:

  • work on the conversion factors;
  • addressing the issue of double counting, as existing data about how much wood is available in the market is confusing;
  • raising awereness on the importance of wood energy in the overall renewable energy portfolio;
  • preparation of a wood energy status report in the UNECE region.

The ToS would like to address these priorities by collection of the best practices on the UNECE website and by supporting the member states in improving the quality of the submitted data as well as in exchanging experience from filling out the Joint Wood Energy Enquiry (JWEE). The participants also discussed the posibility of organisation of capacity building events and publication of a study paper in relation to one of the prioritised themes.

Participants decided that the ToS leadership will be elected by correspondence at a later stage.

The experts of the Wood Energy Team will work to provide the forest sector with the best available and up-to-date information and knowledge in the region on wood energy to ensure the forest sector contribution to the transition towards a green economy.


Agenda PDF
Presentation on ToS guidelinesPDF
Presentation on wood energy work at the secretariatPDF


For more information please contact the ToS secretary Alicja Kacprzak