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The Green Life of Wood - Life Cycle Assessment Workshop

15 October 2012

Room XII, Palais des Nations, Geneva, Switzerland

The Green Life of Wood

Assessing its Environmental Impacts from Cradle to Cradle

Back to back with the UNECE Timber Committee


Wood is the product of the future. Green, useful and beautiful, it is one of the best solutions to the world’s current environmental problems, with a huge number of uses, including fuel, all of which are produced in a sustainable and environmentally harmonious way. Yet, despite this, it is often overlooked in building and other industries which have a tradition of favouring less sustainable materials. This workshop will examine how to promote the case for wood products, raise awareness of the potential of wood, and market this remarkable sustainable product.

The workshop, entitled ‘the Green Life of Wood’, will provide an opportunity to listen and interact with experts in the field of wood products, their life cycle analysis, carbon footprint, and environmental impact. Through a participatory exercise, the workshop will also allow all participants to share their points of view and ideas, as well as to discuss solutions and develop recommendations for actions and follow-up on how to further implement LCA to promote environmentally sustainable production, influence building material choices, and guide consumer choices in favour of the environment.

More information is available in this flyer.

The workshop programme is available here

For additional information please contact Elina Warsta


Background documentPDF
News in briefPDF

Registration and Information

Please mail Karen Taylor to register for the meeting.

Practical information for delegates can be found here

Information for visa request application for Switzerland

Deadline for requests with the Sectretariat is 28 September


Supporting Sustainable Development with Environmental InformationAnnemarie Bastrup-Birk 
Widening the Scope of Forest Based Mitigation Options 
Michel De GalbertPDF
Atmospheric Benefits of Using Wood Products: How should We Deal with Time? David ParéPDF
Cascaded Use of Wood Alfred W. KammerhoferPDF
From Forests to Boilers: Key LCA Issues Related to Wood Energy Exports from North America to EuropeNicolas MainvillePDF
Potential Impact of Wood building on Green House Gas EmissionsTarja HäkkinenPDF
The Role of Material Use in Green Building Sylvain LabbéPDF
Using LCA to demonstrate wood’s true sustainability credentials in product design – An American Hardwood Case StudyRupert OliverPDF
Cork - A Sustainable Choice for the 21 CenturyJoão FerreiraPDF