Integrated Programme of Work

Every four years, UNECE/FAO reviews its integrated programme of work to ensure that it reflects the needs and priorities of member countries. On the basis of the review, Governments and stakeholders are consulted to decide on the strategic direction of the future work. 

The Integrated Programme of Work for the period 2014-2017 was adopted by the joint session of the Committee on Forests and the Forest Industry (COFFI) and the European Forestry Commission (EFC) in December 2013 following a Strategic Review.

The overall goal of this Integrated Programme of Work is to “support member countries and other stakeholders in their efforts to sustainably manage and use UNECE region forests so that they provide products and ecosystem services to benefit society”.

The Programme covers many traditional topics related to forest products and services (as contained in the previous Integrated Programme of Work 2008-2013), such as forest resources and forest products markets. It also introduces new elements to address emerging issues related to climate change, sustainable forest management and the linkages between sustainable forest management and the green economy such as innovation in the forest sector and ecosystem services.

The Integrated Programme of Work aims to help member countries to achieve the overall goal by providing the best available information, facilitating policy dialogues and communication, and building capacity

The Integrated Programme of Work 2014-2017 is available below in:

English, French and Russian