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Exchange of Experiences in Forest Sector Outlook Studies and Related Work

14 February 2019

Koli, Finland



This "Exchange of Experiences in Forest Sector Outlook Studies (FSOS) and Related Work" is part of a three-day event, the DIABOLO Project Final Conference:





The National Forest Inventories towards 2020 in the Context of  the DIABOLO Project

Please visit the Diabolo webpage

13  February

DIABOLO – Distributed, Integrated and Harmonised Forest Information for Bioeconomy Outlooks

Please visit the Diabolo webpage


UNECE Forest Sector Outlook Day
(Exchange of Experiences in FSOS and Related Work)

For registration see the information below

Download the current programme here, for the UNECE FSOS Day please see further details below.

NOTE: The UNECE Forest Sector Outlook Day is following by a meeting of the UNECE/FAO Team of Specialist on Forest Sector Outlook on 15 January. For more information on the ToS meeting please click here.

Below you find further information on the UNECE FSOS Day (for further information on the other two days please visit the Diabolo webpage)


I. Background

The UNECE/FAO Forestry and Timber Section analyses structural developments in the forest sector and produces studies on the long-term outlook for supply and demand for wood as well as other forest goods and services. These studies support policy and decision makers and analysts in Government, the civil society and the private sector. The key publications in this field of work are the Forest Sector Outlook Studies (FSOS), a series that started in 1952 with the European Timber Trend Studies. More recent publications are the European Forest Sector Outlook Study II, 2010-2030 (EFSOS II, published in 2011) and the North American Forest Sector Outlook Study (published in 2012). All these studies map out possible or likely future developments, based on past trends. A reference scenario and different policy scenarios provide a contribution to evidence-based policy formulation and decision-making.


II. Objectives

At present, the next round of the FSOS is getting closer to the final publication. After a series of meetings in 2018 (which can be accessed here), modelling of FSOS scenarios is well under way. The meeting in Koli, Finland, will allow a wider audience to learn about the modelling results and provide their feedback. In addition, the event will serve as an exchange of current knowledge and experiences by other actors in forest sector outlook related work. Participants will learn about national modelling efforts as well as international research. In addition, participants will discuss future needs and possibilities for capacity building.


III. Participants
  • Team of Specialists Forest Sector Outlook
  • Forest resource experts
  • Academia and research
  • ECE/FAO Forestry and Timber Section
  • Relevant international and non-governmental organizations
  • Other forestry and forest products' experts


IV. Expected result
  1. Feedback by participants on the scenario modelling results for the next FSOS
  2. Increased knowledge of participants on modelling work undertaken by various countries as well as research conducted by international organizations and academic institutions
  3. Ideas for future activities for capacity building


V. Agenda

Please find the draft agenda here.


VI. Registration

Registration is open for all participants listed above. The ToS meeting on 15 February is only open for ToS members (or on request). For registration please use the following link.


VII. Meeting venue

The event is held in the heart of Koli National Park, in eastern Finland. There are a number of direct flight connections daily from Helsinki to Joensuu, and a bus transport from the Joensuu airport to Koli National Park (app. 50 minutes’ drive) will be organized. 

More information about the accommodation and logistics will follow.


VIII. Background information

Previous outlook studies:

North American Forest Sector Outlook Study (March 2012)

European Forest sector outlook study EFSOS II (August 2011)

Previous and related studies

Previous meetings in 2018:

ToS meeting, WEBEX call, October 2018

ToS meeting, Geneva, March 2018

Brainstorming Workshop, Geneva, January 2018


XI. Workshop documents

Documents will be available here after the meeting.


X. Contact

Should you have any question, please contact the Secretary of the ToS on Forest Sector Outlook Birgit Lia Altmann (birgit.altmann@un.org).