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Although every effort has been made by the secretariat and national correspondents to check the accuracy and consistency of the presented information, due to the huge mass of data involved in the TBFRA-2000 publication, a few annoying errors have crept into the report. 

The following corrections should therefore be taken into account when reading the Chapter on Reliability and Comparability of TBFRA-2000 Results: 

  • Table R.2
    • Footnote 2 applies to Switzerland and Liechtenstein
    • New Zealand: Definition for “Forest and OWL”
  • Table R.4
    The footnote does not apply to Finland and Sweden 
  • Table R.5
    For the correct number of responding countries consult Table R.6
  • Page 38, 1st para., last sentence
    Should read: 
      The fact that only 2 (two) countries reported values for the attribute “forest owned by indigenous or tribal people” ….