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Forest Products Annual Market Review, 2005-2006
Geneva Timber and Forest Study Paper 21, ECE/TIM/SP/21 (see series note)

The UNECE/FAO Forest Products Annual Market Review, 2005-2006 provides general and statistical information on forest products markets in 2005-2006 in the UN Economic Commission for Europe region (Europe, North America and Eastern Europe, Caucasus and Central Asia).

The Review begins with an overview chapter, followed by a chapter on the policy implications of market developments, then a description of the economic situation and factors affecting forest products markets in the region.

Market developments in five standard sectors, based on annual country-supplied statistics, are described for wood raw materials, sawn softwood, sawn hardwood, wood-based panels and paper and paperboard. 

Regular chapters discuss markets for certified forest products, value-added wood products and tropical timber. In each chapter production, trade and consumption are analysed and relevant development on specific markets and policies are included.  An additional chapter is included this year covering developments in wood energy.

Tables included with the text present summary statistical information.  Additional statistical tables are available below.

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Table of Contents
Chapter 1 - Government procurement and social responsibility policies
             influencing UNECE region forest products markets:
                Overview of markets and policies, 2005-2006
- Forest products market and policy developments, 2005-2006
- Market sector developments
Chapter 2 - Policy issues related to forest products markets in 2005 and 2006
- Chapter overview
- Emerging markets for wood products and implications for the global forestry sector
- Forest law enforcement, governance and trade and initiatives to retain forest land
- Policies promoting the sound use of wood
- Climate change policy
- Wood energy promotions
- Research and development
- Initiatives aimed at increasing global competitiveness in wood and wood products markets, and overall performance of the sector
- Trade policy and tariff and non-tariff barriers
Chapter 3 - Record North American housing market slows in 2006: 
                 Economic developments influencing forest products markets in 
                 2005 and 2006
- Economic developments 
- Construction sector developments
Chapter 4 - Higher global demand for sawnwood drives timber harvests to new record levels:
                Wood raw material markets, 2005-2006      
Chapter 5 - North America peaking, Europe and Russia climbing:
                Sawn softwoods markets, 2005-2006
Chapter 6 - Increasing prices and raw material shortages amidst the rising influence of China: 
                Sawn hardwood markets, 2005-2006
Chapter 7 - Panel industry squeezed by energy costs, fibre supply and globalization:
                 Wood-based panels markets, 2005-2006                    
Chapter 8 - Pulp & paper markets cope with high energy prices and growth in Asia:
                 Markets for paper, paperboard and woodpulp , 2005-2006
Chapter 9 - Soaring fossil fuel prices give wood energy a major boost: 
                 Wood energy markets 2005-2006
- Policy instruments for promotion of wood energy
- Energy markets
- Characteristics of the Swedish woodfuels market
- Examples of woodfuel markets
Chapter 10 - Public procurement policies driving certification: 
                 Certified forests products markets, 2005-2006
- Supply of CFPs
- Demand for Certified Forest Products
- Policy issues
Chapter 11- Trade policies playing a major role in value-added wood products trade: 
                  Value-added wood products markets, 2005-2006
- Imports of value-added wood products in 2004-2005
- North American engineered wood products markets
Chapter 12 - Public procurement policies affecting tropical timber exports: 
                  Tropical timber markets, 2004-2006
- Export trends
- Import trends
- Prices
Series note: the Timber Bulletin series has been completely discontinued. The present publication will from now on be issued under the GenevaTimber and Forest Study Paper series.