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Second meeting of the UNECE/FAO Team of Specialists on Monitoring Sustainable Forest Management

21 - 23 October 2014

Palais des Nations (Room VII), Geneva, Switzerland

The UNECE Committee on Forests and the Forest Industry and the FAO European Forestry Commission at their joint session in Rovaniemi, Finland (December 2013) recognized the importance of the collection, validation and dissemination of statistics on forests resources, products and services as well as importance of analysis and assessment of the state of forests and the sustainability of forest management. Furthermore the Committee and the Commission mandated the Joint ECE-FAO Forestry and Timber Section to undertake several activities to develop tools and products to strengthen the above mentioned areas. In 2014 the Section has initiated preparation of two products fulfilling this mandate:

• a study on progress towards the achievement of the global objectives in the UNECE region to be presented at the 11th session of UNFF in May 2015,

• a questionnaire on forest ownership in the UNECE region for the national reporting which is envisaged to be issued in the first half of 2015.

Both products will be developed in consultation with member States, international experts and, in particular, with the ECE-FAO Team of Specialists on Monitoring SFM. For that purpose the ECE-FAO Forestry and Timber Section organizes a special meeting of the Team - technical workshop for national and international experts as well as for authors of the two projects above to review and validate their drafts on 21-23 October 2014 in Geneva, Switzerland. The workshop will be carried out in English and Russian, with the participation of experts from the UNECE region.

Please find here the Provisional Agenda and Registration Form for the meeting.

Please download here the draft version of the Forest Ownership Questionnaire.

For more information about this meeting please contact Ms Alicja Kacprzak.