UNUnited Nations Economic Commission for Europe

Working Party on Regulatory Cooperation and Standardization Policies (WP.6)


Fourteenth Session of the Working Party
22-24 November 2004, Palais des Nations
Geneva, Switzerland


  • Introduction
  • In-session documents
  • Presentations
  • List of participants
  • Report

The fourteenth session of the UNECE Working Party on Regulatory Cooperation and Standardization Policies (WP.6) took place from 22 to 24 November 2004.

It included the following events:

TRADE/WP.6/2004/1 Provisional agenda ENG FRE RUS
TRADE/WP.6/2004/2 Round Table on regulatory cooperation in South-east Europe ENG - -
TRADE/WP.6/2004/3/Rev.1 Timetable for the International Workshop on best practices for national quality ENG - -
TRADE/WP.6/2004/3/Add.1 Background document for the Workshop ENG - RUS
TRADE/WP.6/2004/4 Development in the CIS ENG - -
TRADE/WP.6/2004/4/Add.1 Development in Turkey ENG - -
TRADE/WP.6/2004/5 ECE Standardization List ENG FRE RUS
TRADE/WP.6/2004/6 Horizontal Legislation - Ukraine ENG - RUS
TRADE/WP.6/2004/7 Sectoral Initiatives ENG FRE RUS
  Earth-moving Machinery Initiative - Proposal for CRO ENG - -
TRADE/WP.6/2004/8 Mutual Recognition Agreements ENG - -
TRADE/WP.6/2004/9 not issued - - -
TRADE/WP.6/2004/10 Environmental Schemes - Forest Certification ENG - -
TRADE/WP.6/2004/11 National Quality Policies - Poland ENG - -
TRADE/WP.6/2004/12 not issued - - -
TRADE/WP.6/2004/13 not issued - - -
TRADE/WP.6/2004/14 Market Surveillance - "MARS" Group ENG FRE RUS
TRADE/WP.6/2004/14/Add.1 Market Surveillance - France ENG - -
  Developments of „MARS“ Group activities and
future activities in 2004-2005
ENG - -
  MARS Group Report - Annex A ENG - -
  MARS Group Report - Annex B ENG - -
  MARS Group Report - Annex C ENG - -
  MARS Group Report - Annex D ENG - -
  MARS Group Report - Annex F ENG - -
  MARS Group Report - Annex G ENG - -
Item 6 Review of developments in standardization activities and in the field of regulatory cooperation at the international, regional and national levels African Regional Organization for Standardization [ppt]
Turkey [ppt]
Item 9 Conformity Assessment Organic Agriculture
Division on International Trade, UNCTAD [ppt]  [ppt]  [ppt]
    European Co-operation for Accreditation, EA/ILAC/IAF [ppt]
    Quality and product safety in sub-Saharan Africa [ppt]
    ISO/CASCO [ppt]
Item 10 Market Surveillance Developments of "MARS" group activities [ppt]
Item 11 Metrology Developments in Metrology [ppt]
    International Organization of Legal Metrology (OIML) [ppt]

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TRADE/WP.6/2004/15 Report of the session ENG FRE RUS