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Working Party on Regulatory Cooperation and Standardization Policies (WP.6)





The MARS Group encourages member States to coordinate their effort to contain sub-standard and counterfeit goods. Through Recommendation M, it actively promotes an approach of market surveillance based on best practice and international standard. The MARS Group has the following tasks:

  • To be a forum for discussion among all players involved with market surveillance (public authorities, manufacturers, retailers, importers, consumers, etc.)

  • To increase transparency and attract attention to the role and responsibilities of public authorities in the chain of control for MS;

  • To identify good practices and methods ensuring fulfilment of legitimate objectives (e.g. protection of public health, fair competition, etc.)

  • To promote coherent good practices and draw up recommendations on market surveillance in the UNECE region.

The group is currently working on:

  • a general model (ENG and RUS) for supporting the decision making process of market surveillance authorities from the phase of planning of inspections to the phase of product recall, in accordance with their own national legislation

  • a list of terms and their definitions relevant to market surveillance and post-market surveillance of non-food products. It is intended to promote a common understanding of and to harmonize such terms and definitions used in national legislation

  • a simple, broad system of information on market surveillanc authorities as well as a database (prototype for now), in both English and Russian


About the MARS Group

The Advisory Group on Market Surveillance (MARS Group) was established and its terms of reference approved in 2003 by decision of the Committee. To fulfill its tasks, the Group can establish sub-groups of experts, which are assisted by the UNECE secretariat. It reports to the Working Party. In 2009 the Group had its mandate extended until 2011 by the UNECE Executive Committee. The work of the Group is open to representatives of all United Nations Member States. Experts from international organizations, representatives of the private sector and non-governmental organizations can participate as observers.






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