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Working Party on Regulatory Cooperation and Standardization Policies (WP.6)



Background information and current status:

The Working Party adopted the Common Regulatory Objectives prepared by the SIEEE at its last annual session on 25 November. This opens the way to standards harmonization in the sector of equipment used in explosive environments. See press release…

Explosions on offshore facilities, vessels or in onshore facilities such as mines, refineries, chemical plants or mills entail high risks for individuals working such industries. Therefore, equipment used in explosive environments must have a high level of safety to protect workers against explosions the natural environment against possible consequences.

In 2006, a proposal was made to launch an initiative to develop common regulations in this sector based on the model of Recommendation L. Specifically, the purpose of the initiative is to develop common regulatory objectives (CROs) covering the definition of area classification, verification of the equipment and its production, installation, inspection, maintenance, repair and the related conformity assessment procedures for products, services and competency of personnel. The overall goal of the Sectoral Initiative is to promote and enhance safety, while at the same time eliminating barriers against the free trade and use of the equipment.

At the request of the Working Party, a country survey was developed with the purpose to document existing regulatory practices in this sector. Australia, Brazil, the European Union, the Russian Federation and the United States have answered the questionnaire.


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