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Background information and current status:

Cranes, bulldozers and other earth-moving machinery (EMM) have been part of a global industry for many years. ISO standards (ISO/TC 127) have been used as a common denominator to minimize safety risks. However, the market remains segmented as there are no mutual recognition agreements (MRA) of conformity assessment procedures. As a consequence, repeated testing and certification, which are especially costly and lengthy in this sector, unnecessarily elevate prices and distort competition.

At a meeting of the START Team in March 2003, representatives of the earth-moving machinery industry made a proposal to launch an Sectoral Initiative on Earth-Moving Machinery (SIEMM) to develop common regulations in this sector based on the model of Recommendation L. Specifically, the purpose of the initiative is to develop common regulatory objectives (CROs) aiming at increasing the scope of application of existing ISO standards as well as enhancing mutual recognition of conformity assessment procedures. The overall goal of the initiative is to find a way to enhance safety while reducing barriers to trade and to the use of imported machinery.

The Working Party supported the proposal to set up a Task Force (see para. 81 of the report of the 2003 session). A first version of the CROs was drafted in 2004 and circulated among members of the industry, but some have expressed the concern that producers’ self-declaration of conformity (SDoC) might not be feasible in all countries. The need was recognized to improve the compliance clause to address the requirement for third party certification in developing countries where trust in manufacturers’ ability to implement SDoC has not been achieved yet. The CROs are being revised in 2009 to improve the compliance clause

On 28 May 2009, in Stockholm, the Bureau of the Working Party discussed the new draft CROs prepared by the Task Force that will be presented at the 19th annual session of the Working Party on 24-25 November 2009.


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