UNUnited Nations Economic Commission for Europe

Working Party on Regulatory Cooperation and Standardization Policies (WP.6)




Thirteen UNECE recommendations have been adopted by the Working Party1 since 1970 to address standardization and regulatory issues. They set out good practice regarding:

  • Regulatory cooperation

  • Metrology

  • Standards and Norms

  • Conformity assessment

  • Market surveillance

These recommendations are not binding and do not aim at rigidly aligning technical regulations across countries. Through these recommendations, the Working Party encourages rule makers to base their regulations on international standards to provide a common denominator to the norms that apply in different markets. It also seeks to promote agreements that enhance cooperation and mutual confidence in the technical competence, reliability and impartiality of other national bodies and institutions.

Download recommendations:

  • as a single publication   ENG   FRE   RU

  • separately from the list below, starting with the most recent:

      M. Use of Market Surveillance Infrastructure as a Complementary Means to Protect Consumers and Users against Counterfeit Good    ENG   FRE   RUS

      L. International Model for Technical Harmonization Based on Good Regulatory Practice for the Preparation, Adoption and Application of Technical Regulations via the Use of International Standards    ENG   FRE   RUS

      K. Metrological Assurance of Conformity Assessment and Testing    ENG   FRE   RUS

      J. Definitions    ENG   FRE   RUS

      I. Methodological Studies and Education    ENG   FRE   RUS

      H. Presentation of UNECE Recommended Standards and Harmonized Technical Regulations    ENG   FRE   RUS

      G. Acceptance of Conformity Assessment Results    ENG   FRE   RUS

      F. Creation and Promotion of International Agreements on Conformity Assessment    ENG   FRE   RUS

      E. Treatment of Imported Products, Processes and Services    ENG   FRE   RUS

      D. Reference to Standards    ENG   FRE   RUS

      C. International Harmonization of Standards and Technical Regulations    ENG   FRE   RUS

      B. Coordination of Technical Regulations and Standardization    ENG   FRE   RUS

      A. Further Developments in International Cooperation on Technical Harmonization and Standardization Policies    ENG   FRE   RUS


1  The Working Party on Regulatory Cooperation and Standardization Policies had several predecessor bodies: Group of Government Officials Responsible for Standardization Policies; Working Party on Technical Harmonization and Standardization Policies