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UN/CEFACT TBG4 Preparatory Project Meeting for a Cross Border Reference Data Model
Wednesday, 28 March 2007 Dublin, Ireland




The CBRDM is a joint UN/CEFACT – WCO project. The project is currently under preparation. It describes the structure of the most important information required to exchange goods in international trade. This reference data model is generic. Countries will use the reference data model to map their individual data requirements against the CBRDM and generate subsets bilateral or multilateral subsets that meet the common information needs.

The CBRDM will integrate relevant international standards and best practice. In particular it will use UN/CEFACT recommendations for trade documents, the UN/CEFACT Core Component Library and best practice instruments developed by the WCO such as the revised Kyoto Convention. The data model will be based on the UNeDocs Workbase 2.0 and the WCO data model version 2.0.

The meeting will call for participants to join a Stakeholder Group and a Technical Group:

  • The Stakeholder Group will be composed of decision makers from the public and private sector with vested interest in the project. It will guide the development of the CBRDM, promote the deliverable and to find resources and funds.
  • The Technical Group will be composed of business and technical experts. It will develop the CBRDM and promote the integration of the CBRDM into the deliverables of the DMPT and the UN/CEFACT Forum.