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Trade Meetings in 2009


Date Short title Venue Contact person
12 – 13 January Trade Facilitation Implementation Guideline project team Geneva Serguei Kouzmine
19 – 23 January ATG meeting Walldorf, Germany  
23 - 27 February UN/CEFACT Trade and Business Processes Group (TBG) working group on Transport (TBG3) Geneva Tauno Kangur
24 February Seminar on "Impact of Globalization on Transport, Logistics and Trade: the UNECE work" Geneva Hans Hansell
25 - 26 February 3rd session of the Committee on Trade Geneva Hans Hansell
3 March Bi-annual meeting of GFP (Global Facilitation Partnership for Trade and Transport) Geneva Serguei Kouzmine
16 - 19 March Specialized Section on Standardization of Seed Potatoes (GE.6): International workshop on seed potatoes for countries of Africa and the Middle East and Meeting of the Extended Bureau, 16 - 19 March, Cairo, Egypt Cairo, Egypt Serguei Malanitchev
2 - 3 April ITAIDE Project Meeting Geneva Virginia Cram-Martos
20 - 24 April  14th UN/CEFACT Forum Rome, Italy Serguei Kouzmine
27 - 30 April 18th session of the Specialized Section on Standardization of Meat (GE.11) Geneva Claudio Meza
4 - 8 May 55th session of the Specialized Section on Fresh Fruit and Vegetables (GE.1) Geneva Serguei Malanitchev
22 - 26 June 56th session of the Specialized Section on Standardization of Dry and Dried Produce (GE.2) Geneva Claudio Meza
29 June - 3 July TBG3/ITIGG subgroup Paris, France  
28 September - 2 October 15th UN/CEFACT Forum Sapporo, Japan Serguei Kouzmine
5 - 6 November 65th session of the
Working Party on Agricultural Quality Standards (WP.7)
Geneva Serguei Malanitchev
9 - 12 November 15th session of UN/CEFACT Plenary Geneva Mika Vepsalainen
24 - 25 November Conference on Risk Assessment and Management Geneva Lorenza Jachia
25 - 26 November 19th session of Working Party on Regulatory Cooperation and Standardization Policies (WP.6) Geneva Lorenza Jachia


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