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2nd Environmental Performance Review

Convention on Environmental Impact Assessment in a Transboundary Context (Espoo Convention)

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Symbol No. ECE/MP.EIA/11
ISSN No 1020-4563
Environment Series No. 9
Languages: E/F/R

Review of the Implementation of the Espoo Convention, February 2009

The report is available in PDF (1.4 MB, 148 pages) ENG/FRE/RUS languages.

The Meeting of the Parties to Convention adopted the Second Review of Implementation of the Convention presented in this publication. The Meeting of the Parties also requested the Convention’s Implementation Committee to take into account in its work general and specific compliance issues identified in the Review. The Committee is responsible for the review of compliance by Parties with their obligations under the Convention.

However, besides its importance to the Implementation Committee, this Review provides valuable information for Parties wishing to strengthen their implementation of the Convention, for States considering acceding to the Convention in their legal and administrative preparations, and for others wishing to understand better how the Convention is implemented in national legislation and applied in practice.



Table of contents


1.1 The Convention
1.2 Mandate and aim of the review
1.3 Level of response to the questionnaire
1.4 Findings of the review

2.1 Article 2: General Provisions
2.2 Article 3: Notification
2.3 Article 4: Preparation of the Environmental Impact Assessment Documentation
2.4 Article 5: Consultations
2.5 Article 6: Final Decision
2.6 Article 7: Post-Project Analysis
2.7 Article 8: Bilateral and Multilateral Agreements
2.8 Article 9: Research Programmes
2.9 Ratification of the amendments and the Protocol
2.10 Cases during the period
2.11 Experience of the transboundary environmental impact assessment procedure during the period
2.12 Cooperation between Parties during the period
2.14 Clarity of the Convention
2.15 Awareness of the Convention
2.16 Suggested improvements to the report

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