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UNECE and Google bring statistics to a wider audience

Geneva, 18 February 2011 --

UNECE’s Statistical Division has been working with Google to bring key statistics on our member countries to a wider audience using new data visualization techniques.

As a result of extensive collaboration over the last year to develop data content, format and transmission mechanisms, UNECE data are now available on a new Google application called “Public Data Explorer”. This application features data from various organisations, including 27 key indicators from the UNECE Statistical Database on topics such as economic and social development, gender equality, computer use, transport and forestry.

Users can create a range of graphs and maps to help them better understand differences over time and between countries.

The collaboration between UNECE and Google will continue, as Google plans to add more features to the application, and UNECE plans to add a wider range of indicators over the next year.

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Ref: ECE/STATS/11/P01