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Lavrov Endorses Enhanced Energy Security Dialogue

Geneva, 13 February 2008 -- Russian Foreign Affairs Minister, Mr. Sergey Lavrov, endorsed the need for an enhanced dialogue on energy security, at a Press Conference held at the Palais des Nations on 12 February. Mr. Lavrov confirmed his support for the United Nations Economic Commission for Europe (UNECE) in facilitating and establishing such a dialogue on key energy issues. He noted that the need for action on enhancing global energy security emerged during the G8 Summit meeting held in St Petersburg in July 2006.

The St. Petersburg Plan of Action on Global Energy Security reaffirmed the commitment of the G8 to implement and build upon the agreements related to energy reached at previous G8 summits, including enhancing global energy security through actions in a number of key areas such as increasing transparency, predictability and stability of global energy markets; enhancing energy efficiency and energy saving; diversifying the energy mix; and addressing climate change and sustainable development.

The Foreign Affairs Minister of the Russian Federation emphasized that the UNECE had the authority and capability to implement such a much needed dialogue between energy producers, energy consumers and transit countries. He further noted that the Russian Federation was prepared to fully contribute and support such an initiative, including with expertise and also financially.

On 28 November 2007, the UNECE launched a new flagship publication “Emerging Global Energy Security Risks” (number 36 in the UNECE Energy Series). This report is the result of the analyses and discussions conducted by the Energy Security Forum on the global dimensions of emerging energy security risks facing UNECE member States. It presents global energy security risks from three different points of view: the European Union, the Russian Federation, and North America.

Mr. Marek Belka, UNECE Executive Secretary, noted in the publication foreword that “addressing the challenges identified in this publication will require a renewed commitment from UNECE countries for a broadly based intergovernmental dialogue on the principles underlying energy relationships and trade, on energy security and on sustainable energy development. The UNECE Committee on Sustainable Energy, with guidance from the Commission, has decided to undertake this new dialogue.“

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