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Geneva, 15 July 2005 - With oil prices rising to US$ 60 per barrel, the leaders of the industrialized countries have given their support to the Russian President Vladimir Putin’s plan to make energy security the priority subject for the Group of Eight meeting to be hosted by the Russian Federation next year. During their annual summit at Gleneagles, the G-8 leaders said that they have mounting concerns about rising energy prices and that they support Mr. Putin’s decision to make energy security the priority when the Russian Federation holds the presidency of the G-8 in 2006.

Indeed, in their concluding statement from the Gleneagles meeting, the G-8 leaders agreed to take action to ‘address the strategic challenge of transforming our energy systems to create a more secure and sustainable future’. The leaders ‘welcomed the Russian decision to focus on energy in its Presidency of the G-8 in 2006 and the programme of meetings that Russia plans to hold.’

During his presentation to the UNECE Energy Security Forum on 28 June, Mr. Igor Yusufov, Special Envoy of President Vladimir Putin on International Energy Cooperation, stated that ‘We appreciate greatly the activities of the Energy Security Forum in addressing this acute problem. We are interested in establishing close cooperation with the Forum to use its conclusions and recommendations in our discussions on global energy security issues in the framework of our leadership of the G-8 summit next year.’ The Energy Security Forum was held during the annual session of the UNECE Committee on Sustainable Energy on 27 to 30 June 2005.

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