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Press Releases 1999

This is a list of UNECE Press Releases issued during 1999.
ECE/TIM/99/4 12/31/99 Catastrophic storms hit Europe's forests: Dangers of afterschocks!
ECE/GEN/99/32 12/21/99 Five years after Beijing - Women in Europe
ECE/GEN/99/31 12/13/99 International cooperation against international crime - Conference on Organised Crime in Geneva concludes
ECE/GEN/99/30 12/14/99 UN/ECE: Favourable economic outlook for 2000, 3% annual growth in Western Europe, output growth at a ten-year high in transition economies
ECE/GEN/99/29 12/14/99 Can we afford to grow old? Population Ageing and pension reform
ECE/TRADE/99/20 12/09/99 UN/CEFACT endorses ebXML initiative, puts its own XML programme on hold
ECE/TRADE/99/19 12/09/99 Organizations from Around the World Gather to Launch ebXML Global Electronic Business Initiative
ECE/GEN/99/27 12/07/99 Conference on organised crime to be held in Geneva - (Palais des Nations, Geneva, 9-10 December 1999)
ECE/GEN/99/28 12/07/99 New Director of UN/ECE Statistical Division - Paolo Garonna
ECE/ENV/99/12 12/01/99 27 countries sign the new Protocol to the Convention on Long-range Transboundary Air Pollution
ECE/ENV/99/11 11/24/99 New air pollution protocol to save lives and the environment
ECE/ENV/99/10 11/23/99 Real-estate transactions in Kosovo - When your home is not your castle
ECE/ENE/99/8 11/18/99 Ninth session of the UN/ECE Committee on Sustainable Energy
ECE/GEN/N/99/1 11/16/99 UN/ECE issues its report on the Regional Hearing in preparation of the Millennium Assembly
ECE/TRADE/99/18 11/12/99 UN/EDIFACT: International standard for structured data and Internet will facilitate business exchange for all users
ECE/ENE/99/9 11/05/99 Financing Energy Investments - A UN/ECE Round Table
ECE/GEN/99/26 10/29/99 Proposals for support measures by governments, regional and local governments and financial institutions to promote women entrepreneurship in transition economies
ECE/GEN/99/25 10/20/99 Women's entrepreneurship - East-West Cooperation
ECE/ENV/99/9 10/20/99 International environmental law works air pollution review proves it
ECE/GEN/99/23 10/8/99 Avoiding a humanitarian disaster in Serbia this winter - A statement by Mr. Yves Berthelot, Executive Secretary of the United Nations Economic Commission for Europe
ECE/ENE/99/6 10/6/99 Energy Secretary Richardson Announces Joint DOE / UN Foundation Project Will Improve Energy Efficiency, Reduce Energy Costs and Improve Patient  Care in Russian Hospitals
ECE/STAT/99/2 10/5/99 Sales of industrial robots are booming in Europe and North America but plummeting in Japan and Asia
ECE/TIM/99/3 10/5/99 Optimism in forest products markets for the start of the new millennium
ECE/TRADE/99/17 10/5/99 Streamlined trade procedures will reduce barriers to international trade
ECE/TRADE/99/15 10/4/99 UN/ECE spearheads initiative to tackle intellectual property violations in central and eastern Europe
ECE/GEN/99/23 10/1/99 Executive Secretaries of the Regional Commissions stress improved market access and urgent corrective action for many developing countries adversely affected by the Uruguay round
ECE/TIM/99/2 9/24/99 Forest products markets reached new records in 1998
ECE/TRADE/99/14 9/20/99 United Nations and OASIS Join Forces to Produce Global XML Framework for Electronic Business
ECE/ENV/99/8 9/6/99 Negotiators reach final agreement on innovative protocol to combat air pollution
ECE/ENV/99/7 8/13/99 Tackling Ozone Pollution
ECE/GEN/99/22 8/03/99 Forthcoming UN/ECE meetings - August 1999 - December 2000
ECE/GEN/99/21 7/21/99 Statement by Mr. Hazem El-Beblawi, Executive Secretary of the Economic and Social Commission for Western Asia (ESCWA), to the Economic and Social Council
ECE/GEN/99/20 7/21/99 Statement by Mr. K.Y. Amoako, Executive Secretary of the Economic Commission for Africa (ECA), to the Economic and Social Council
ECE/GEN/99/19 7/21/99 Statement by Mr. Jose Antonio Ocampo, Executive Secretary of The Economic Commission for Latin America and the Caribbean (ECLAC), to the Economic and Social Council
ECE/GEN/99/18 7/21/99 Statement by Mr. Adrianus Mooy, Executive Secretary of the Economic and Social Commission for Asia and the Pacific (ESCAP), to the Economic and Social Council
ECE/GEN/99/17 7/21/99 Statement by Mr. Yves Berthelot, Executive Secretary of the Economic Commission for Europe (UN/ECE), to the Economic and Social Council
ECE/TRADE/99/13 7/15/99 World chemical production hits 1.5 trillion dollar level - United Nations Economic Commission for Europe Releases - Latest Chemical Statistics in its Annual Review
ECE/ENE/99/5 7/9/99 "Converge, Get Bigger or Die" - Does the US and UK adage apply to the continental European gas and electricity utilities?
ECE/GEN/99/16 7/8/99 A more people-centered United Nations for the twenty-first century - The European Regional Hearing for the Millennium Assembly Tackles the Issue of Strengthening the United Nations
ECE/GEN/99/15 7/8/99 From diplomacy of power to power of diplomacy - The European Regional Hearings for the United Nations Millennium Assembly Takes up Peace and Disarmament
ECE/GEN/99/14 7/7/99 A more Pro-active Economic United Nations - The European Regional Hearing for the United Nations Millennium Assembly takes up Sustainable Development
ECE/GEN/99/13 7/7/99 Human Rights: from Law To Action - UN/ECE Year 2000 Hearings for the Millennium Assembly of the United Nations Opened Today
ECE/GEN/99/12 7/2/99 ECE Regional Hearings for the Millennium Assembly
ECE/GEN/99/11 7/2/99 ECE warns that the task of economic regeneration in South-East Europe is being underestimated
ECE/TRANS/99/6 6/24/99 Third Road Safety Week to be held in the year 2000 - Aim: to reduce road accidents involving vulnerable road users
ECE/ENV/99/6 6/18/99 Water & Health - 35 countries sign new Protocol
ECE/TRADE/99/12 6/15/99 Protecting intellectual property rights and boosting investment in Central and Eastern Europe and the CIS
ECE/ENV/99/5 6/15/99 Environment and Health - Ministerial Conference, London, 16-18 June 1999
ECE/TRADE/99/11 6/15/99 New initiatives to boost private-sector development in the transition economies
ECE/TRADE/99/10 6/15/99 The United Nations Economic Commission for Europe to support enterprise development in transition economies
ECE/TRADE/99/9 5/21/99 Standardization will reduce barriers to trade
ECE/ENV/99/4 5/12/99 United Nations Economic Commission for Europe reviews Lithuania's environmental performance
ECE/GEN/99/10 5/06/99 Economic Commission for Europe concludes its fifty-fourth session with action on increased inter-agency cooperation within the ECE region
ECE/GEN/99/9 5/05/99 Economic Commission for Europe calls for enhanced collaboration with Pan-European Bodies
ECE/GEN/99/8 5/05/99 Economic Commission for Europe discusses cooperation between Pan-European bodies
ECE/GEN/99/7 5/05/99 Economic Commission for Europe discusses its contribution to recovery in Southeast Europe after a settlement of the conflict in Yugoslavia
ECE/TRANS/99/5 5/06/99 Green light to the European inland waterway network
ECE/GEN/99/6 5/05/99 Economic Commission for Europe opens Fifty-Fourth Session - Holds informal seminar on the consequences of the financial crisis in the ECE region
ECE/GEN/99/5 5/05/99 Recovery in Southeast Europe after a settlement of the conflict in Yugoslavia
ECE/TRADE/99/8 5/05/99 How international standards affect global trade
ECE/GEN/99/3 5/04/99 Economic slowdown in Western Market Economies, recession possible in Transition Economies - UN/ECE releases its latest 1999 Economic Survey of Europe
ECE/GEN/99/4 5/03/99 Economic Commission for Europe (Fifty-Fourth Session, 4-6 May 1999)
ECE/NONE/99/1 4/-/99 Pensions through solidarity - Interview with Mr. Jean-Michel Charpin, Commissioner at the French Planning Office.
ECE/ENV/99/3 4/30/99 United Nations Economic Commission for Europe reviews Latvia's environmental performance
ECE/TRANS/99/4 4/29/99 Transport ministers agree to facilitate international road transport in Southeast Europe
ECE/TRANS/99/3 4/23/99 Countries in Southeastern Europe to liberalize international road transport
ECE/GEN/99/2 4/20/99 The impact of the global financial and economic crisis on the UN/ECE region to be discussed at the 54th Session of the Commission - 4 - 6 may 1999
ECE/GEN/99/1 4/20/99 Economic implications of population ageing in the UN/ECE region - The UN/ECE Spring Seminar - 3 May 1999
ECE/TRADE/99/7 4/16/99 UN/EDIFACT towards simple electronic business - UN/EDIFACT Working Group (EWG) meet at Atlanta, USA
ECE/TRADE/99/6 4/14/99 United Nations conference on economic opportunities through developing real estate markets in central and eastern Europe and the CIS to be held in Prague
ECE/TIM/99/1 4/13/99 Opportunities and confusion in the marketplace for certified forest products
ECE/STAT/99/1 4/13/99 Even for people who hate figures
ECE/TRANS/99/2 3/31/99 Executive structure to better control TIR operation
ECE/TRADE/99/5 3/31/99 UN Centre makes further advances in trade facilitation and electronic business
ECE/TRANS/99/1 3/17/99 The TIR Convention revised
ECE/ENV/99/2 3/17/99 Water and Health in Europe: "Medieval" diseases lurking in the water supplies
ECE/TRADE/99/4 3/17/99 Countries meet at Geneva to discuss trade facilitation and electronic business
ECE/ENV/99/1 3/12/99 Green rights convention takes world by storm
ECE/ENE/99/4 3/12/99 Entering the EU single gas market: Challenges for Central and Eastern European countries
ECE/TRADE/99/3 3/09/99 Decontaminating polluted sites
ECE/ENE/99/3 2/23/99 Turner's gift to support new UN/ECE project on energy efficiency
ECE/TRADE/99/2 2/5/99 SECI's First Two Years: Positive Progress in the Balkans
ECE/ENE/99/2 1/28/99 Commercial Bank Financing for Energy Efficiency Projects
ECE/ENE/99/1 1/26/99 Security of gas supply
ECE/TRADE/99/1 1/12/99 World financial crisis hits crude steel production - Latest estimates show 2.5% decline in 1998
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