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Press Releases 1998

This is a list of UNECE press releases issued during 1998.
ECE/GEN/98/16 12/16/98 The Russian crisis: by no means a unique event
ECE/GEN/98/15 12/15/98 European Population Predicted to be 'Marginalised' in the 2000s
ECE/TRANS/98/4 11/25/98 Green light to the revision of the TIR Convention
ECE/TRADE/98/12 11/18/98 Three international organizations cooperate on standards for electronic business
ECE/GEN/98/14 11/12/98 Economics and security: UN/ECE meets with OSCE
ECE/GEN/98/13 11/2/98 A new Deputy Executive Secretary joins the UN/ECE
ECE/TRADE/98/11 10/28/98 Unique partnership established between governments and private enterprises to enforce intellectual property rights
ECE/TRANS/98/3 10/28/98 More container transport on inland waterways in Europe
ECE/TRADE/98/10 10/22/98 All of Europe affected by counterfeiting and piracy
ECE/ENE/98/3 10/19/98 UN/ECE Committee on Sustainable Energy annual meeting: Highlights
ECE/ENE/98/2 10/19/98 Round table on long term strategies to achieve goals set forth in Kyoto
ECE/GEN/98/12 10/16/98 The Russian crisis
ECE/TIM/98/3 10/12/98 Forest products markets strong in 1997 and 1998, uncertainty over the short-term outlook
ECE/STAT/98/2 10/8/98 Investment World Robotics 1998 - Statistics, Market Analysis, Forecasts, Case Studies and Profitability of Robot
ECE/TRANS/98/2 10/02/98 The UN/ECE 1995 census of European road traffic released
ECE/TRADE/98/9 9/30/98 Chemical legislation from 25 countries made transparent
ECE/TRADE/98/8 9/17/98 Southeast Europe takes new initiative to boost trade
ECE/ENV/98/18 9/9/98 Urban reform: constraints and opportunities
ECE/ENV/98/17 9/7/98 East, West, home's best
ECE/ENV/98/16 08/11/98 New sulphur protocol enters into force
ECE/TIM/98/2 08/07/98 The marketplace for certified forest products - Retailers set the tone
ECE/GEN/98/11 07/31/98 UN/ECE: A regional outpost of the United Nations
ECE/TIM/98/1 07/30/98 Europe: A better management of forests to prevent forest fires
North America: The time bomb of Smokey Bear
ECE/TRANS/98/1 07/03/98 Governments agree on a legal framework for the development of global automotive technical regulations
ECE/GEN/98/10 07/03/98 First half of 1998: Dynamic economic growth in the UN/ECE region
Rising risks in transition economies
UN/ECE issues its second 1998 Economic Survey of Europe
ECE/TRADE/98/7 06/30/98 World steel industry gains from Asia's financial crisis
ECE/ENV/98/15 06/25/98 "Environment for Europe", 35 countries and the European Community sign the new UN/ECE Convention on Public Participation
ECE/ENV/98/14 06/24/98 Statement by Mr. Kaj Brlund, Director of the Environment and Human Settlements Division of the United Nations Economic Commission for Europe, at the NGO session at the Ministerial Conference "Environment for Europe" in Aarhus, Denmark
ECE/ENV/98/13 06/24/98 "Environment for Europe", 32 countries and the European Community sign two new protocols to the Convention on Long-range Transboundary Air Pollution
ECE/ENV/98/12 06/24/98 Statement by the Executive Secretary of the United Nations Economic Commission for Europe, Mr. Yves Berthelot
Special Session of the Executive Body for the Convention on Long-range Transboundary Air Pollution
ECE/ENV/98/11 06/24/98 Statement by the Executive Secretary of the United Nations Economic Commision for Europe, Mr. Yves Berthelot, to the Ministerial Conference "Environment for Europe"
ECE/ENV/98/10 06/23/98 Message of the Secretary-General to the fourth pan-european Conference of Environment Ministers, "Environment for Europe"
ECE/ENV/98/9 06/15/98 "ENVIRONMENT FOR EUROPE" - Counting down to the Fourth Ministerial Conference - (Aarhus, Denmark, 23-25 June 1998)
ECE/ENV/98/8 06/24/98

The new Protocol on Persistent Organic Pollutants to the Convention on Long-range Transboundary Air Pollution - What are Persistent Organic Pollutants?

ECE/ENV/98/7 06/24/98 The new Protocol on Heavy Metals to the Convention on Long-range Transboundary Air Pollution - What are the Problems Associated with Heavy Metals?
ECE/TRADE/98/5 05/26/98 Public-private partnerships needed for developing Central and Eastern Europe
ECE/ENV/98/6 05/04/98 UN/ECE Convention on Industrial Accidents to enter into force as final hurdle is cleared
ECE/TRADE/98/4 05/04/98 International workshop on soil decontamination technologies (Paris, April 1999)
ECE/GEN/98/8 04/23/98 Economic Commission for Europe concludes its fifty-third session with action on reform and increased regional cooperation
ECE/GEN/98/7 04/22/98 Economic Commission for Europe continues discussions on strengthening cooperation within the ECE region
ECE/GEN/98/6 04/22/98 Economic Commission for Europe opens fifty-third session, discusses vulnerability of transition economies to external shocks, challenges of globalization and effects of European Monetary Union
ECE/GEN/98/5 04/15/98 Economic Commission for Europe, Fifty-third session, 20-23 April 1998
ECE/GEN/98/4 04/15/98 1997-1998: Improved economic situation in the UN/ECE region - major uncertainties for the future - UN/ECE releases its latest Economic Survey of Europe
ECE/TRADE/98/3 03/20/98 UN Centre acts to remove barriers to international trade
ECE/TRADE/98/2 03/13/98 Portugal's chemical industry opens its doors - UN/ECE organizes study tour
ECE/GEN/98/2 03/13/98 One third of the Dutch live alone
ECE/ENV/98/5 03/10/98 Putting an end to environmental secrecy
ECE/GEN/98/1 03/06/98 Sweden: More higher educated women than men in coming decade
ECE/ENV/98/4 02/17/98 Negotiators reach agreement on heavy metals and persistent organic pollutants (POPs)
ECE/ENV/98/3 02/12/98 Environment and Human Settlements Division revamps its WEBSITE
ECE/ENV/98/2 01/30/98 How sustainable is our way of life?
ECE/ENV/98/1 01/13/98 "Burst water main floods central Manhattan". How safe are our water supply systems?
ECE/TRADE/98/1 01/13/98 World crude steel production reaches record high
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