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This is a list of UNECE Press Releases and Notes for the Press issued during 2009

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17 December UN/CEFACT announces important improvements in the exchange of data across industries and applications
15 December UNECE country profile finds that most existing Belarusian housing stock is well refurbished and safe
11 December Delayed entry into force of amendment 6 of the AETR Agreement
11 December UNECE participation at COP-15
10 December UNECE-GTZ programme helps Central Asian countries to strengthen regional institutions for transboundary water management
7 December UNECE adopts “Common Regulatory Framework” for equipment used in environments with an explosive atmosphere
4 December Towards a shared vision on transboundary waters in Western Balkans: UNECE initiates the Drin Dialogue
2 December Wood energy looks promising in the western Balkans
24 November UNECE Conference highlights role of standards in risk mitigation
24 November UNECE’s Convention on Long-range Transboundary Air Pollution celebrates 30th Anniversary
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23 November Making our homes energy efficient: UNECE takes action
20 November How to prevent climate conflict over dwindling water resources? UNECE releases Guidance on Water and Adaptation to Climate Change
[available in French]
20 November UNECE launches Policy Briefs on Ageing
[available in French]
19 November UNECE appeal for political commitment to road safety
19 November Does Rail Transport Discriminate?
16 November UNECE adopts revised European Code for Inland Waterways
16 November UNECE energy week to discuss Energy Security and the Financial Crisis
13 November UNECE to take part in the first Global Ministerial Conference on Road Safety
6 November UNECE to review progress in transboundary cooperation on water issues
30 October Beijing Fifteen Years On: How are Women faring in the European Region?
28 October The former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia to be trained on the Water Convention - A practical way to facilitate accession
27 October UNECE announces the main themes of the seventh “Environment for Europe” Ministerial Conference, Astana, Kazakhstan, 2011
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21 October Green building is a solution to mitigation of climate change
21 October The Forest sector has a key role to play in green economy
20 October UNECE promotes public-private cooperation for trade facilitation and the Single Window in Central Asia
20 October USA to follow UN recommendations on chemical
[available in French]
20 October UNECE Region Forest Products Markets Forecast to turn up in 2010 – Is this the start of a recovery?
[available in French]
13 October UN/CEFACT releases new eInvoice Standard to enhance links between business and financial supply chains
6 October New treaty on pollutants enters into force on 8 October
[available in French]
30 September The beauty of human-powered mobility: UNECE workshop promotes cycling and walking in cities
28 September UNECE mandated to address mitigation and adaptation to climate change in cities
28 September GREEN HOMES: a UNECE study on energy efficiency now available online
25 September Promoting Innovation-based Entrepreneurial Opportunities
25 September Wood energy consumption increase is here to stay
17 September UNECE and the European Basketball Family join forces to promote road safety at EuroBasket 2009
17 September Promoting Innovation-based entrepreneurial opportunities in the UNECE region
8 September UNECE announces breakthrough in traffic noise reduction
4 August UNECE Executive Secretary takes over coordination role of the regional commissions
4 August UNECE/FAO Forest Products Annual Market Review, 2008-2009: Forest products markets badly hit by the crisis but use of wood energy on the rise
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29 July Seminar on the UNECE Water Convention at the World Water Week
27 July Agreement between UNECE and the Slovak Republic secures the UNECE TER Project Office
22 July "Climate Neutral Cities” seminar to be held on 23 September 2009
21 July UNECE launches on-line survey on the TIR system
17 July New International treaty requires industries to report on pollutants
10 July Investing in people and housing is a priority for Georgia
6 July The Single Window: a “window of opportunity” for regional trade cooperation in South Caucasus?
29 June Increased wood mobilization from sustainable sources is possible, and necessary for a more renewable energy future?
29 June Greek basketball champions call for safer roads
26 June International Conference onTechnological Readiness for Innovation-based Competitiveness, 29-30 June 2009
25 June Green Economy:  A Transformation to Address Multiple Crises. An Interagency Statement of the United Nations System
22 June UNECE to participate in International Energy Conference, Vienna, 22-24 June
19 June UNECE warns that South-Eastern Europe risks missing its road safety target
19 June UNECE regional seminar on trade facilitation and the Single Window, 23-24 June 2009, Tbilisi, Georgia
18 June UNECE study assesses informal urban growth in the region, which affects over 50 million people
18 June New UN/EDIFACT message facilitates Single Window developments
11 June UNECE forum discusses principles for sound real estate markets
8 June International Conference on knowledge-based development, Minsk, Belarus, 10-12 June 2009
5 June The five United Nations regional commissions cooperate on energy efficiency
2 June UNECE appoints new Director of Statistical Division
26 May UNECE workshop assesses homelessness and advocates prevention as the most effective solution
[available in Russian]
20 May Shared water resources management important component of stability in South East Europe, agrees RCC-hosted international conference
19 May UNECE assessment to help Azerbaijan sustain progress in its housing sector
[available in Russian]
18 May International workshop on “Transboundary Water Resources Management in South-Eastern Europe”, Sarajevo, 18-20 May 2009
15 May Executive Secretary to participate in EBRD’s Board of Governors meeting
13 May Regional TIR seminar in Tunisia, 3-4 June 2009
13 May Attracting External Finance for New Innovative Enterprises
7 May UNECE Forum: rethinking the real estate markets, Rome
7 May UNECE hosts briefing on Aid for Trade for SPECA countries
4 May Land consolidation: A key to successful land reform?
24 April Better houses rather than more power plants
24 April UNECE announces Workshop on Experiences with Data Management to Improve Land Administration in ECE Countries, Sofia
23 April International Workshop on Commercial Quality Standards for Fresh Fruit and Vegetables for Countries of Eastern and South-Eastern Africa, Nairobi
7 April Slovakia inaugurates new international water centre to support UNECE work
3 April How much wood is available on a sustainable basis for energy and raw material in Europe?
2 April UNECE concludes its 63rd session
30 March UNECE and the European Centre Vienna agree on cooperation in developing policy responses to population ageing
25 March 63rd session of the Economic Commission for Europe
20 March Kazakhstan hosts the first consultation of the UNECE PPP Business Advisory Board
10 March UNECE Countries in Figures 2009
6 March Joint UNECE/OICA Press Conference at Geneva Motor Show
24 February Trade and transport facilitation can help in economic crisis
23 February Transport Challenges in 2009, 71st annual session of the UNECE Inland Transport Committee, 24-26 February 2009
20 February Daddy you can save the planet! Now in Arabic, Chinese, Russian and Spanish
[available in French]
16 February Increased consumer protection and security provided by new international standards for eBusiness
3 February Second Environmental Performance Review of Kyrgyzstan adopted in Geneva
[available in Russian]
23 January High-level Meeting on Transport, Health and Environment adopts “Amsterdam Declaration” on Transport Choices for our Health, Environment and Prosperity
22 January Sustainable and healthy transport can help boost economies
19 January New interactive database on indicators of sustainable forest management in Europe
16 January Gazprom to Present Natural Gas Situation in Europe to the UNECE Working Party on Gas
12 January Natural gas storage for enhanced energy security under consideration by the UNECE Working Party on Gas
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10 декабря Программа ЕЭК ООН-GTZ помогает странам Центральной Азии совершенствовать региональные организации по управлению трансграничными водными ресурсами
24 Ноябрь Конвенция о трансграничном загрязнении воздуха на большие расстояния отмечает свое 30-летие
27 октябрь ЕЭК ООН объявляет главные темы седьмой конференции министров процесса «Окружающая среда для Европы», Астана, Казахстан, 2011 г.
4 августа 2009 Ежегодный обзор ЕЭК/ФАО рынка лесных товаров, 2008-2009: ПО рынкам лесных товаров сильно ударил кризис, но использование энергии на базе древесины растет.
26 май 2009 Рабочее совещание ЕЭК ООН дает оценку бездомности и выступает за предотвращение как наиболее эффективное решение
19 май 2009 Оценка ЕЭК ООН содействует прогрессу в жилищном секторе Азербайджана
3 февраль 2009 Второй Обзор результативности экологической деятельности Кыргызстана принят в Женеве