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Press Releases 2005

This is a list of UNECE Press Releases and Notes for the Press issued during 2005.
27 December Secretary-General appoints Marek Belka of Poland as Executive Secretary of Economic Commission for Europe
13 December A regional focus on sustainable energy and climate change
6 December Looking for information on transport, environment and health? Visit THE PEP Clearing House!
6 December Signing ceremony on partnership between the International Cooperative Alliance and the UNECE Committee on Human Settlements
2 December The United Nations Economic Commission for Europe adopts its reform
2 December The use of prevention and response in UNECE treaty could have alleviated Chinese disaster
2 December Agreement to clean up the river Dniester
22 November US$ 7.5 million grant approved for climate change mitigation
15 November Europe's forests are increasing, says the most detailed and comprehensive assessment ever of the world's forests: UNECE plays its role
1 November UN General Assembly adopts landmark Resolution on road safety
26 October Combating counterfeit goods on international markets: UN body explores new solutions
25 October Are we measuring farmers’ standard of living correctly? Is farm households’ standard of living higher than that of other households? How do rural households perform compared to urban households?
18 October Geneva International Academic Network Finances a Joint UNECE/University of Geneva Environment Research Team
11 October Worldwide investment in industrial robots up 17% in 2004 - UNECE/IFR issues its 2005 World Robotics survey
4 October Governments - significant actors for certification of sustainable forest management: UNECE/FAO policy forum reviews roles of governments
4 October Forest and timber sector expresses concern for economic viability, illegal logging, and the public image of wood: Markets for forest products continue at record levels
23 August Serbia and Montenegro forest and forest products country profile released by UNECE/FAO
2 August UNECE region forest products markets respond positively to globalization: Forest products markets and policies in 2004 and 2005
21 July Persistent economic weakness in euro area contrasts with robust expansion in eastern Europe and the CIS - UNECE launches its Economic Survey of Europe 2005 No. 2
15 July Energy Security Forum invited to contribute to G-8 Summit on Energy Security in 2006
15 July Caspian Sea Region countries issue statement on global energy security
12 July UN/CEFACT releases Roadmap to Paperless Trade
4 July Towards the development of Euro-Asian land transport routes
28 June Caspian Sea region contribution to global energy security (Palais des Nations, Geneva, 28 June 2005)
28 June UNECE Energy Efficiency 21 Project and the Kyoto Protocol Implementation
31 May UNECE Energy Security Forum: High-Level Meeting on Energy Security in the Caspian Sea Region (Palais des Nations, Geneva, 28 June 2005)
27 May Environmental rights treaty body pushes forward environmental democracy agenda
26 May Governments reach agreement on public participation in decision-making on genetically modified organisms
24 May Parties to the UNECE Aarhus Convention hold second meeting (Almaty, Kazakhstan, 25-27 May 2005)
21 May Forum on “After Fifteen Years of Market Reforms in Transition Economies: New Challenges and Perspectives for the Industrial Sector” (Palais des Nations, Geneva, 24-25 May 2005)
20 May Strengthening subregional economic cooperation in Central Asia - International Conference on Strengthening Subregional Economic Cooperation in Central Asia and the Future Role of SPECA (Astana, Kazakhstan, 25-27 May 2005)
13 May Air pollution protocol takes effect on 17 May
3 May New Timber Market Issues Website covers: eCommerce, eBusiness, biofuel markets, expansion and enhancement of global wood products markets and responsible trade
20 April Turning the page for paper in international trade
20 April Cooperation among SME Research and Educational Centres of Central and East European Universities
19 April Wood energy expanding due to policy promotion in the UNECE region
11 April New Russian language glossary of international trade and WTO terms launched
5 April Customs to play wider role in trade facilitation
5 April African Countries call for Global Package for Trade Facilitation Implementation
23 March 6th UN/CEFACT Forum session in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, approves five Business Requirements Specifications (BRS)
10 March Balance of forest sector shifts to the east:Challenges for forest and timber sector
8 March Promoting Sustainable Development Through Education
1 March New air pollution protocol to take effect on 17 May 2005
1 March UNECE Spring Seminar identifies challenges and opportunities for resource-rich transition economies
1 March Certification of forestland and certified forest products markets continue growing in the UNECE region in 2003
25 February Aarhus Convention ratified by the European Community - Four EU member States also to become Parties to environmental rights treaty
25 February UNECE wraps up its sixtieth session
23 February "Gouvernance globale : Leçons d’Europe" - Conférence Gunnar Myrdal par Pascal Lamy, ancien Commissaire européen au Commerce, Genève, 22 février 2005
18 February Outlook for 2005: Continued growth in Europe and the CIS but at significantly different speeds - UNECE launches its Economic Survey of Europe 2005 No. 1
18 February Improving the foundations for sustained economic growth: Selected Policy Issues in the UNECE Region - UNECE launches its Economic Survey of Europe 2005 No. 1
15 February Sixtieth annual session of the Commission, Palais des Nations (Conference Room XX), Geneva, 22-25 February 2005
15 February UNECE Spring Seminar "Financing for Development in the UNECE Region: Promoting Growth in Low-income Transition Economies", Palais des Nations (Conference Room XX), Geneva, Monday, 21 February 2005, 10 a.m.
8 February Pascal Lamy to give Gunnar Myrdal Lecture - To speak on “Global Governance: Lessons from Europe”,
Palais des Nations (Conference Room XX), Geneva, Tuesday, 22 February 2005, 6 p.m.
4 February Robot investments surge to record levels
4 February Your guide to the UNECE Water Convention now available in six languages
25 January UN/CEFACT puts its weight behind e-invoicing
25 January French Senate President Christian Poncelet to address the UNECE Forum on Entrepreneurship at the Palais des Nations, Geneva on 10 February 2005
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