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Press Releases 2004

This is a list of UNECE Press Releases and Notes for the Press issued during 2004.
21 December Small and medium-sized enterprises - Drivers of economic development in the Republic of Serbia (Serbia and Montenegro)
15 December Gender equality: a lot more needs to be done
15 December Women’s self-employment and entrepreneurship in the UNECE region
15 December Gender aspects of social protection and pensions in ageing Europe
15 December Gender responsive budgets
15 December Economic roots of trafficking in the UNECE region
14 December Forests and wetlands: suppliers of clean water and first line of defence agains floods
10 December Ten years after Beijing Conference: Are women better off?
7 December Trade facilitation must have a place in Russia's market reform - UNECE Workshop on Trade Facilitation, Moscow, 22-23 November 2004
3 December Air pollution protocol boosted by U.S. ratification - Executive Body wraps up jubilee session
1 December New CD-ROM with games for all ages marks 25th anniversary of UN flagship air pollution treaty
29 November Flagship UN air pollution treaty turns 25
29 November Keeping air pollution in check can add two years to your life
19 November Towards the development of Euro-Asian land transport routes
18 November World Forum for the Harmonization of Vehicle Regulations establishes the first global technical regulation for motor vehicle safety
1 November OSCE, UNECE to promote public-private cooperation in industrial restructuring
29 October Working together to reduce the risk of industrial accidents
28 October UN Group calls for "Task Force on Electronic Trade Documents"
25 October International outsourcing reshapes the world ICT industry, creating opportunities, but also arousing fears
20 October UNECE issues its 2004 World Robotics survey
12 October Forest products markets soar higher in the UNECE region in 2004 and 2005 - Region's forest and forest industry sector development influenced by government and industry policies
8 October Wood production in Europe will shift further to the east in the next decade
1 October Seminar will discuss the role of governments and offshore outsourcing in Internet enterprise development
24 September United Nations body moves global eBusiness Standards forward - UN/CEFACT set to take new direction
22 September Dniester cooperation to make drinking water safer
21 September UNECE region countries tackle illegal logging and trade of illegally derived forest products
21 September Russian Federation's social cohesion threatened by deteriorating housing
17 September Giving a new dimension to human settlement policies in the UNECE region to improve their implementation
7 September Aarhus hits thirty: Finland becomes 30th Party to environmental rights treaty
19 August Forest products markets climb to new records in the UNECE region in 2003 and 2004
20 July A strong but uneven rebound of the ECE economy - UNECE launches its Economic Survey of Europe 2004 No. 2
13 July Environmental democracy clearing house launched to highlight progress under the Aarhus Convention
7 July UN/CEFACT 'Single Window' recommendation selected as 'Topic of the Month' - Joint press release by the World Bank and UNECE on behalf of the Global Facilitation Partnership for Transportation and Trade (GFP)
7 July Discover the UN Family and Have Fun! Featuring a new CD-ROM for ages 4 to 94
25 June UNECE raising awareness about entrepreneurship development in the Republic of Moldova
23 June Pollutant registers to be proposed as key public information tool at Environment and Health Ministerial Conference
18 June Water and energy in Central Asia: Preventing the slow death of the Aral Sea
1 June UNECE's Energy Efficiency 21 Project receives industry award
27 May Environmental impact assessment pays off as countries cooperate and the public makes its voice heard
25 May The UNECE strengthens its work on Internet enterprise development
25 May The fifth Ministerial Conference “Environment for Europe” in full
18 May UNECE plans energy efficiency work as oil prices rise
14 May Green groups challenge governments over compliance with treaty obligations
14 May Avoiding "two parallel Europes" - Executive Forum on “Competing in a Changing Europe” (Geneva, 11-12 May 2004)
10 May UN/CEFACT and OASIS cooperate to strengthen work on ebXML
7 May UNECE Forum “Competing in a Changing Europe” (Geneva, 11-12 May 2004)
22 April WASME Participation in the Expert Meeting on Good Governance for Small and Medium-sized Enterprises (SMEs)
8 April "Increase of Internet piracy undermines enterprise competitiveness in the ECE region"
30 March UNECE Seminar on Aggressive Driving, Geneva, 5 April 2004
30 March The Euro-Asian transport links in focus
30 March Expert Meeting on Good Governance for Small and Medium-sized Enterprises (SMEs), Palais des Nations, Geneva, 1-2 April 2004
26 March Forum on Best Practice in Development of Entrepreneurship in Countries in Transition: The Romanian and Slovak Experiences, Palais des Nations, Geneva, 31 March 2004
19 March World Day for Water: 22 March. Floods are a fact of life - we have to learn to deal with it
16 March UNECE examines how Azerbaijan is coming to grips with its environmental problems
2 March Digital paper for trade - UNECE announces the first release of electronic trade document set for pilot implementation
27 February UNECE wraps up its fifty-ninth session
24 February UNECE Spring Seminar focuses on competitiveness and economic growth in the UNECE Region, Geneva, 23 February 2004
24 February High-level Workshop "The Economic Dimension of Security in Europe: Facing New Challenges in a Changing Environment", Geneva, 8 March 2004
20 February Recovery is under way but can it be sustained? UNECE launches its Economic Survey of Europe, 2004 No. 1
17 February UNECE Spring Seminar "Competitiveness and economic growth in the UNECE Region", Palais des Nations, Geneva, 23 February 2004, 10 a.m.
17 February Fifty-ninth annual session of the Commission, Palais des Nations, Geneva, 24-26 February 2004
17 February UNECE to bring together environmentalists and educators in a bid to promote Education for Sustainable Development
13 February Round Table on Intelligent Transport Systems (ITS), Palais des Nations, Geneva, 18 February 2004, 3 p.m.
11 February Corporate governance appraised - UNECE Working Party on Industry and Enterprise Development takes a look at corporate governance in light of recent corporate scandals, Palais des Nations, Geneva, 12 February 2004, 3.15 p.m.
9 February Nobel Prize Laureate Joseph Stiglitz to give Gunnar Myrdal Lecture - To speak on "The process of European integration and the future of Europe", Palais des Nations, Geneva, 11 February 2004, 2.30 p.m.
6 February Landownership in the Russian Federation: How good land administration can make a difference
27 January More gender perspectives in economic policies - Regional Symposium on Mainstreaming Gender into Economic Policies, Geneva, 28-30 January 2004
20 January Recovery of forest products markets in the UNECE region in 2002: Consumption forecast to climb in 2003 and 2004
16 January Central, Eastern and South-Eastern European countries plan their transport infrastructures
15 January Human Settlements: Are recent trends compatible with sustainable development? UNECE Forum on Sustainable Development to discuss Human Settlements, Geneva, 15-16 January 2004, Palais des Nations
15 January Water & sanitation: a problem even in so-called developed countries - UNECE Forum on Sustainable Development to discuss Water & Sanitation, Geneva, 15-16 January 2004, Palais des Nations
14 January Europeans debate their future, affirm commitment to Cairo Agenda - Experts address population trends and challenges in a diverse region
12 January Experts examine Europe's population, reproductive health concerns
9 January United Nations Economic Commission for Europe to hold its first Forum on Sustainable Development next week, Geneva, 15-16 January 2004, Palais des Nations
6 January Experts to examine European population trends and policies - European Population Forum 2004, Geneva, 12-14 January

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