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Press Releases 2003

This is a list of UNECE Press Releases and Notes for the Press issued during 2003.
23 December Protocol on Heavy Metals enters into force and new work on persistent organic pollutants agreed
17 December Discover the UN and have fun! A CD-ROM for youngsters from 6 to 96 years
16 December UN Commissions promote the regional dimension of the Information Society
16 December Winners of International Photo Contest «Water is Life» announced
5 December The short-term economic outlook for Western Europe, North America, Eastern Europe and CIS - UNECE releases the Economic Survey of Europe, 2003 No. 2
2 December The UNECE Water Convention: exporting experience in water cooperation to the world
2 December Knowing what is happening with our environment to better protect it: UNECE helps Armenia to publish its long-awaited State-of-the-Environment Report
2 December The challenges of a new tenure structure: UNECE assesses Armenia's housing sector
26 November UNECE and ILO to address hardships of laid off industrial workers in European transition economies
18 November Facilitating trade in a secure environment - UNECE encourages organizations and governments to work together for secure trade to avoid the risk of new Technical Barriers to Trade
14 November Women Entrepreneurs in a Wider Europe - Round Table sessions at the 6th Central European Initiative (CEI) Summit Economic Forum, Warsaw, Poland, 21 November 2003
14 November UNECE TER Project Seminar on railway infrastructure and track maintenance
14 November The General Directors of Railways from Central, Eastern and South-Eastern Europe meet in Lucerne
7 November Energy security risks and global financial markets appraised by OPEC and major energy and financial companies from EU, Russia and USA - UNECE Committee on Sustainable Energy is launching Energy Security Forum, Salle du Conseil, Palais des Nations, Geneva, 10:00 a.m., 20 November 2003
7 November UNECE Forum supports property rights for the poor
31 October Looking beyond EU enlargement - Workshop on "EU Enlargement: Regulatory Convergence in Non-acceding Countries", Athens, 7-8 November 2003
31 October UNECE Aarhus Convention takes hold in the European Union
21 October 23 October 2003 - Entry into force of the Protocol to control persistent organics
17 October Is recovery around the corner? Robot orders in first half of 2003 were up by 26% to the highest level ever recorded. Worldwide growth in the period 2003-2006 forecast at an average annual rate of 7.4%. Household robots are starting to take off. UNECE issues its 2003 World Robotics survey
17 October Robot investment in France fell by 14% in 2002 but the robot stock grew by 7%
17 October There is still steam in the German locomotive: its industry is consolidating its position as the world's second largest user and producer of industrial robots - Growth projected to be at least 4% per year in 2003-2006
17 October Italy is Europe's second and the world's fourth largest user of industrial robots - Robot investment is projected to grow at an annual rate of 5% in 2003-2006
17 October In 2002, the robot stock in Spain grew by 12% - the Spanish motor vehicle industry is more robotized than that of France
17 October In 2002, robot investment in the United Kingdom plummeted by 61% - Robot use in the United Kingdom lagging far behind the rest of Europe
17 October Strong recovery of robot investment is projected in the United States for 2003
14 October Recovery of forest products markets in the UNECE region in 2003 amid concerns for overcapacity in short term - Traditional forest products markets are increasingly influenced by new wood energy policies in the UNECE region
14 October Illegal logging and wood energy: UNECE Timber Committee discusses policy issues of the day
7 October Protocol to control heavy metals to enter into force
19 September CIS Forum on Youth "Youth of the XXI Century: Realities and Perspectives" (Kiev, Ukraine, 24-26 September 2003)
17 September A Teen Guide to the Internet
17 September UNECE-WYB joint mission to Belarus to assist in development of youth entrepreneurship
9 September Recovery of forest products markets in the UNECE region
9 September Agribusiness enterprise development - International Workshop in Tel Aviv, 9-16 September 2003
5 September Forest fires: a complex issue necessitating international cooperation
2 September Air pollution cuts help forests recover
2 September Central Eastern European countries stress the need for modern rolling stock in their railways
26 August UN/CEFACT announces release of Core Components Technical Specifications
26 August UN/CEFACT announces forthcoming visit to Asia e-Business community
21 August UN/CEFACT announces successful completion of ebXML technical standards work programme with OASIS; UN/CEFACT continues development of technology- and implementation-neutral
e-business standards
5 August Protocol to control persistent organics to enter into force
18 July Statement by Mrs. Brigita Schmögnerová, Executive Secretary at the Economic and Social Council at its 2003 Substantive Session (Geneva, 18 July 2003)
(Regional cooperation: development dimensions of trade negotiations - a UNECE perspective)
18 July Central Eastern European countries debate on the development of the Freight Villages concept during a Seminar in Verona
18 July Central and Eastern European Countries decide to develop further their UNECE Trans-European Railway (TER) Project Database
3 July Second Annual Forum on Online Dispute Resolution (ODR) (Geneva, 30 June-1 July 2003)
17 June Seeing the Whole 'Elephant' - Globalisation and measuring economic activities of multinationals
13 June Statistical confidentiality: how to avoid the "big brother" effect of statistics while meeting governments' and researchers' needs for detailed data?
13 June Bridging the gender gap in entrepreneurship in Eastern Europe and CIS
4 June Public must call political leaders to account as world marks Environment Day on 5th June - Statement on World Environment Day by Mr. Kaj Bärlund, Director of the Environment and Human Settlements Division of the United Nations Economic Commission for Europe (UNECE)
30 May UN Economic Commission for Europe and UN Office in Uzbekistan announce international photo contest "Water is life"
28 May CIS countries to adopt UNECE legal instruments to boost regional trade
23 May More Signatories to the new UNECE Protocols as Fifth Ministerial Conference "Environment for Europe" wraps up in Kiev
22 May Environment, water and security in Central Asia
21 May 34 countries sign new Protocol on Pollutant Release and Transfer Registers
21 May 22 countries sign new Protocol on Civil Liability
21 May 33 countries sign new Protocol on Strategic Environmental Assessment
21 May New United Nations treaty on pollution information disclosure to be adopted and signed today
21 May Message of the Secretary-General to the Fifth Ministerial Conference "Environment for Europe" delivered by Ms. Brigita Schmögnerová, Executive Secretary, United Nations Economic Commission for Europe ( Kyiv, Ukraine, 21-23 May 2003)
21 May Statement by the Executive Secretary of the United Nations Economic Commission for Europe, Ms. Brigita Schmögnerová, to the Fifth Ministerial Conference "Environment for Europe" (Kyiv, Ukraine, 21-23 May 2003)
21 May Environmental policy in transition: lessons learned from ten years of UNECE environmental performance reviews - Statement by Ms. Brigita Schmögnerová, UNECE Executive Secretary, to the Fifth Ministerial Conference "Environment for Europe" (Kyiv, Ukraine, 21-23 May 2003)
21 May Home for the poor without ghettos
16 May How can trade facilitation be enhanced in a new security environment? Solution may lie in adopting collaborative approach
16 May Environmental Performance Reviews - 17 countries on one CD-ROM
16 May Putting social housing high on the political agenda
13 May UN Forum this week to focus on distribution of benefits of trade facilitation and effect of new security initiatives on trade
13 May UNECE and SITPRO to develop toolkit of electronic trade documents for world trade community
13 May Fourth UNECE Road Safety Week - 5-11 April 2004
12 May "Environment for Europe" - Counting down to the Fifth Ministerial Conference (Kyiv, Ukraine, 21-23 May 2003)
12 May UNECE "Trade Week" - 12-16 May 2003
24 April UNECE knowledge economy assessment and benchmarking indicators
15 April EU enlargement - What can the "new neighbours" expect?
15 April UNECE promotes policies conducive to industrial restructuring
15 April Innovation called to assist structural change in transition economies
1 April EU enlargement: towards increased prosperity and security - Workshop on "Trade, Business and Investment in a Wider Europe", Palais des Nations (Conference Room XX), Geneva, 7 April 2003, 10:00 - 18:00
1 April Interested in trading with one of the 55 UNECE member countries? UNECE’s new Directory contains all the key contacts
21 March Award Winners announced - 2002 UNECE Excellent Women Entrepreneurs
20 March Public to play a role in enforcing international law
17 March Expert Meeting on how to Become a Supplier of Large Enterprises and Transnational Corporations, Palais des Nations, Geneva, 20-21 March 2003
14 March Financing and ICT technologies for Women Entrepreneurs - Second UNECE Forum of Women Entrepreneurs, Palais des Nations, Geneva, 17-18 March 2003
14 March UNECE Awards for Excellent Women Entrepreneurs of 2002, Palais des Nations, Geneva, Tuesday, 18 March 2003, 4.30 p.m.
14 March Forum on Best Practice in the Development of Entrepreneurship in Countries in Transition:
The Croatian and Slovenian Experience, Palais des Nations, Geneva, Wednesday, 19 March 2003, 10 a.m.
14 March The Trading Partner Agreement - An industry framework to align legal and contractual practices in e-business
14 March The European Association of Companies with Concessions for Motorway, Bridge and Tunnel Tolls (ASECAP) and the UNECE Trans-European North-South Motorway (TEM) Project agree to cooperate more closely
7 March UNECE wraps up its fifty-eighth session
5 March "Sustainable development in the ECE Region" debated at the UNECE Spring Seminar, Palais des Nations, Geneva, 3 March 2003
28 February Eastern Europe and the CIS are set to preserve their growth momentum in 2003 but risks are on the rise - UNECE releases its Economic Survey of Europe, 2003 No.1
28 February The economic outlook for the UNECE region in 2003: clouded by downside risks - UNECE releases its Economic Survey of Europe, 2003 No.1
28 February Achieving a sustained economic recovery - UNECE releases its Economic Survey of Europe, 2003 No.1
28 February Agreement reached on civil liability for damage caused by industrial accidents on transboundary waters
25 February Nobel Prize Laureate Douglass C. North to give Gunnar Myrdal Lecture on the occasion of the 58th session of the Economic Commission for Europe - to speak on "The role of institutions in economic development"
25 February Sustainable development in the UNECE region to be discussed at the fifty-eighth annual session of the Commission, Geneva, 4-6 March 2003 (Palais des Nations, Room XX)
25 February UNECE Spring Seminar "Sustainable Development in the UNECE Region", Geneva, 3 March 2003, 10 a.m. (Palais des Nations, Room XX)
21 February Interregional Seminar "Capacity-Building in Trade Facilitation and Electronic Business in the Mediterranean" (E-Med Business), Geneva, 29-31 January 2003
7 February The International Road Transport Union (IRU) and the UNECE Trans-European North-South Motorway (TEM) Project agree to cooperate more closely
7 February New UNECE treaty to make the environment part of strategic decision-making
31 January Governments reach agreement on new United Nations treaty on pollution information disclosure
31 January Air pollution and climate change - tackling both problems in tandem
17 January A common European Economic Space and new challenges for the energy sector - UNECE Working Party on Gas takes a look at the Common European Economic Space and its significance for the energy sector (Room VII, Palais des Nations, Geneva, 10:30 a.m., 21 January 2003)
7 January Revision of the UNECE Trans-European North-South Motorway (TEM) Project Standards and Recommended Practice

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