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Press Releases 2001

This is a list of UNECE Press Releases issued during 2001.
18 December The "E" rail network extended to Caucasus and Central Asia
11 December Recommandations de la CEE-ONU sur la scurit dans les tunnels
4 December Les Ministres des Transports des pays alpins soutiennent les recommandations de la CEE-ONU sur la scurit dans les tunnels
29 November The Federal Republic of Yugoslavia back in the TIR Customs transit system
24 November CEI Heads of Government recognize UNECE-CEI cooperation as important mechanism to promote private sector investment
23 November The UNECE/OSCE Colloquium:  Role of the economic dimension in conflict prevention in Europe
22 November Reforming energy prices to support sustainable development - UNECE Committee on Sustainable Energy, 21-22 November 2001
22 November Concern about energy security is growing - UNECE Committee on Sustainable Energy, 
21-22 November 2001
21 November Energy efficiency and energy security:  UNECE project provides a new response for the CIS - UNECE Committee on Sustainable Energy releases new study jointly with the Commonwealth of Independent States
16 November Strengthening stability and peace through investments:  the CEI Summit Economic Forum (Trieste, 21-24 November 2001)
15 November 2002 - Transition economies:  considerable risks due to the global downturn
UNECE releases its Economic Survey of Europe, 2001 No. 2
15 November 2002 - Global economy needs a growth locomotive
UNECE releases its Economic Survey of Europe, 2001 No. 2
6 November Stability Pact gives high priority to Public-Private Partnerships (PPPs) at UNECE session
5 November E-Government development in transition economies - UNECE Workshop, Budapest, Hungary, 7-8 November 2001
1 November Mrs. Danuta Hbner leaves the UN
30 October 2000 - Record year for robot investment:  increase of 25%.  First part of 2001:  continued boom in Europe but tumbling in North America and Asia -- UNECE issues its 2001 World Robotics survey
29 October Environmental rights not a luxury - Aarhus Convention enters into force
25 October UNECE finalizes recommendations to improve tunnel safety
25 October Digital economy development in South-East Europe
23 October Quality assurance system for enhancing competitiveness of small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs)
19 October Building networks among women entrepreneurs in the UNECE region - UNECE Forum of Women Entrepreneurs, Palais des Nations, Geneva, 22 October 2001
16 October UN creates a sustainable environment for next generation e-Business technology - EDIFACT Working Group meeting (EWG), Rotterdam, Netherlands, 10-14 September 2001
12 October "E" road network extended to Central Asia and Caucasus
10 October Accelerating influence of globalisation on forest products markets - Uncertainty in short-term market outlook
9 October UNECE Forum of Women Entrepreneurs, Palais des Nations, Geneva, 22 October 2001
5 October Towards a unified SME-policy guideline - Eleven BSEC Ministers adopt a Declaration on SMEs at the Dawn of the 21st Century in Istanbul
3 October Myths of the European forest
3 October Huge resource base waiting to be tapped in the countries of central and eastern Europe and the CIS
3 October Making industry safer to protect our water resources
28 September United Nations Special Programme for the Economies of Central Asia (SPECA) - Preventing instability before it is too late
26 September Statistics and geography shaping e-Government initiatives
25 September UNECE Ministers adopt Declaration for Johannesburg Summit
24 September Address by Mr. Klaus Tpfer, Executive Director of the United Nations Environment Programme (UNEP) to the Regional Ministerial Meeting for the World Summit on Sustainable Development, Geneva, 24-25 September 2001 
24 September Introductory statement by Mr. Joseph Deiss, Minister of Foreign Affairs, Switzerland, at the Regional Ministerial Meeting for the World Summit on Sustainable Development, Geneva, 24-25 September 2001 
24 September Opening statement by Mrs. Danuta Hbner, United Nations Under-Secretary-General, Executive Secretary of the United Nations Economic Commission for Europe (UNECE) at the Regional Ministerial Meeting for the World Summit on Sustainable Development, Geneva, 24-25 September 2001 
20 September UNECE Environment Ministers to revitalize Rio spirit
19 September Fighting social exclusion in cities
11 September New records set in 2000 in forest products markets in UNECE region
11 September The UNECE Trans-European Railway (TER) Project approved new development strategy
4 September A new Deputy Executive Secretary at the United Nations Economic Commission for Europe
31 August Nitrogen pollution threatens Europe's forests
28 August The UNECE Trans-European North-South Motorway (TEM) Project approves new strategic plan
9 August Aarhus Convention starts count-down to entry into force
24 July The Federal Republic of Yugoslavia to re-integrate the TIR Customs transit system
10 July UN road tunnel experts to conclude safety work
5 July Governments, industry and environmental groups debate transparency in new chemicals law
4 July Civil liability - Agreement reached on new legally binding instrument
3 July Inequality and education
29 June Building digital bridges:  UN launches the United Nations Electronic Trade Documents (UNeDocs) Project
26 June Small area statistics - an indispensable tool to decision makers at all levels
26 June Electronic services: Preparing the UNECE region for the challenge of the future - UNECE Forum "Trading into the future: e-services for trade, investment and enterprise", Geneva, 11-12 June 2001
26 June Air pollutants make transcontinental journey
22 June "To standardize or not to standardize" - that is the question!
22 June The new economy:  does it measure up?
20 June Liberalizing trade through international standardization
14 June Statistics can contribute to stability in South-Eastern Europe
11 June Conference of  European Statisticians, Geneva, 11-13 June 2001
11 June Trading into the future: E-services for trade, investment and enterprise - Two-day Forum, 11 and 12 June 2001
5 June Statistics for a better agriculture
31 May Reaching out to the private sector in central Asia - New UNECE "Multiplier Point" Centre to disseminate trade, industry and enterprise development materials in Kyrgyzstan
31 May Public-private partnership pilots to be launched - Powerful group of regional leaders will guide a successful project implementation
22 May UNECE/Moldova: a strong and long-term cooperation
11 May UNECE concludes annual session - Adopts measures on work of Subsidiary Bodies; transport, environment and health; intersectoral work; implementation of Millennium Declaration
11 May UNECE annual session discusses strategic directions for future work
10 May UNECE annual session discusses challenge of European compliance with Millennium Declaration  (Pictures)
10 May UNECE annual session discusses upcoming Ministerial Conference on Ageing, better linking of environment, transport and energy matters - German State Secretary for Family Affairs, Senior Citizens, Women and Youth delivers address (Pictures)
10 May The Yugoslav economy in 2001 and stability in south-east Europe - UNECE releases its first 2001 Economic Survey of Europe
10 May The still fragile east European and CIS economies will be badly hurt by a European and global slowdown - UNECE releases its first 2001 Economic Survey of Europe
10 May European labour market rigidity not a constraint to growth - UNECE releases its first 2001 Economic Survey of Europe
10 May Slow economic growth in the United States and weaker prospects for Europe - UNECE releases its first 2001 Economic Survey of Europe
8 May UNECE continues review of situation in Caucasus and Central Asia - Afternoon meeting focuses on privatization, regulatory reform, living standards and social policy (Pictures)
8 May UNECE convenes annual session, discusses support for business and economic growth in Central Asia and Caucasus - Experts lead review of problems and progress  (Pictures)
7 May UNECE Spring Seminar focuses on battling corruption in transition economies - Afternoon session on "Tackling institutional failure" features two panel discussions  (Pictures)
7 May UNECE convenes Spring Seminar with discussion of market institutions and economic performance - Panel discussions held on public and corporate governance and institutional change and economic performance in transition economies  (Pictures)
7 May Europe's options on transport, environment and health - "The longer we wait, the more we will suffer the consequences" (Pictures)
4 May International trading language for bovine meat products - The UNECE announces adoption of an international trading language for bovine meat products
3 May Business enterprise and economic growth in the Central Asian and the Caucasian countries: creating a supportive and secure environment, to be discussed at the fifty-sixth annual session of the Commission, Palais des Nations, Geneva, 8-11 May 2001
3 May UNECE Spring Seminar: Corruption in development: grease or sand? "Creating a Supportive Environment for Business Enterprise and Economic Growth: Institutional Reform and Governance"
Monday, 7 May 2001 (Palais des Nations, Room XVII)
2 May UNECE and UNIDO sign a Memorandum of Understanding
27 April UNECE Advisory Group on Intellectual Property holds key consultative meeting with the Russian Federation Government
25 April UNECE and the WCO sign a Memorandum of Understanding
24 April Is the European monetary policy too cautious?
12 April Bridging the gap between paper and electronic based economies - UN Working Group to help developing countries modernize trade procedures
3 April More than 2 trillion dollars can be saved thanks to new UN trade instruments
30 March The Republic of Moldova signs ADN
29 March Joint parenthood for a standard e-commerce language
21 March UNECE announces new programmes on best practice in enterprise development - Twenty-five countries meet to adopt new programme for industry and enterprise development
20 March E-Transition for All - New UNECE Initiative - Team of Specialists on Internet Enterprise Development
16 March Environmental rights Convention embraces electronic information age
13 March Internet, statistics and privacy
13 March Italy joins the UNECE TER Project
28 February Negotiations on new information law on pollution start today
14 February More Gender Perspective in Macroeconomic Analyses - Memorandum of Understanding Between UNECE and UNIFEM
14 February "My wish for all women: do not hide your talents, enter the world and share your experiences with others" - UNECE launches its Portrait Gallery on Excellent Women Entrepreneurs
13 February Europe:  boom in robot orders
30 January "FINANCING FOR DEVELOPMENT" - A Regional Approach
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