Air Quality & Clean Coal Technologies

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Transition and  economic expansion  of Central Asian economies are conditioned by availability of inexpensive energy resources. Most of the economies bridge the gap by relying on a single energy source, namely- coal. However, the use of coal without appropriate pollution control and energy generation technology presents the greatest single source of pollution.

Air pollution, in particular from the energy sector and transport, is a significant problem in Central Asia. In urban areas pollution levels are high, and have a significant  impact on the health of the population and environment.


Project Description 


The UNECE together with cooperating agencies,  UNESCAP and UNEP, has developed a project  entitled "Capacity Building for Air Quality Management and the Application of Clean Coal Combustion Technologies in Central Asia" - CAPACT. This project is financed under the Fourth Tranche of the United Nations Development Account, (Project Code 04/05C). The Fourth Tranche of the UN Development Account focuses on capacity building for meeting Millennium Development Goals (MDGs) through partnerships, knowledge management and taking advantage of communications and information technology.

The project will address the technological gaps and  raise awareness of  air quality management within the institutions in Central Asia. 
The estimated project duration is 3 years starting from mid-2004 to mid 2007
The project will cover  the area of Central Asian economies: Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, Tajikistan, Turkmenistan and Uzbekistan
  The complete project document is available in both English and Russian languages and can be downloaded here. 
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The CAPACT project contributes to achieving target number nine of the Millennium Development Goals (click here for more), notably to integrate the principles of sustainable development into country policies and programmes and reverse the losses of environmental resources. 

The project also contributes to the implementation of the Regional Environmental Action Plan for Central Asia.