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Fourth PPP Alliance Meeting 
25 October 2005, London, United Kingdom

Presentation Title & Author
Public - Private Partnership: Welcome to Culture and Mass Communications
Prepared by Mr. Dmitry Amunts, Deputy Minister of Culture and Mass Communications of the Russian Federation
169 KB [English]
Governance in Public-Private Partnerships for Infrastructure Development
Prepared by Mr. Art Smith, President, U.S. National Council for Public-Private Partnerships, Vice Chairman UNECE PPP Alliance; and Mr. Brage Baklien, PPP Advisor; Norway
186 KB [English]
Levels of Compliance in Core Areas of Concessions & Current Impediments to PPP in Russian Federation
Prepared by Mr. Alexei Zverev, Senior Counsel, EBRD
109 KB
Legal Framework on Public Private Partnership in Russian Federation
Prepared by Ms. Olga Revzina, Senior Lawyer, Gide Loyrette Novel, Russian Federation
123 KB


PPP in Russian Federation: 
A Snapshot of the Situation
Prepared by Mr. Alexander Bazhenov, Vice-Chairman of EWP, President of National Development Center, Russian Federation
262 KB
How do Governments Turn PPP Service Delivery into a Reality?
Presented by Mr. Andy Carty, Deputy CEO, Partnerships UK, United Kingdom
649 KB [English]
Moving Ahead with PPP
Presented by Mr. John Davie, Chairman, BCCB Project Finance Committee Director of International Business Development Vector Management, United Kingdom
436 KB [English]
A View of an Office Bearer on Development Aspects of PPPs
Prepared by Mr. Michael Dymácek BIP Group a.s., Chairman of the Board; UNECE PPP Alliance, Member of Steering Committee
181 KB [English]
Russian Federal Law on Concession Agreements 197 KB [English]
IFIs and PPPs – Do they Mix?
Prepared by Mr. Robin Earle, Senior Banker, EBRD
435 KB [English]
Public-Private Partnership: Development of the Road Network in the Ukraine
Prepared by Mr. Vadim Gurzhos, Chairman, State Road Administration, Ukraine
1 295 KB [English]
Moving Ahead with PPP - from Policy to Projects; Communications - Key Messages for Governments
Prepared by Mr. Stephen Harris,
Head, International - International Financial Services, London Chairman - UKTI PPP Export Advisory Group
2 271 KB [English]
Delivering the PPP Promise
Prepared by Mr. Adrian Howcroft, PricewaterhouseCoopers, Assistant Director, Corporate Finance, United Kingdom
511 KB [English]
PPP in Russian Federation – Policy and Implementation Issues Highlights from KPMG Russian PPP Conference
Prepared by Mr. Robert Jenkins, Adviser on PPP, KPMG, United Kingdom
576 KB [English]
Modernisation of the Russian transport infrastructure by the means of Concessions, BOT’s, PPP’s: Current Challenges and Developments
Prepared by Mr. Alexander Misharin, vice-Minister of Transport of the Russian Federation
256 KB [English]
Legal and Financing Issues for PPP Projects in Russian Federation
Prepared by Mr. Marshall Levine Partner Field Fisher Waterhouse, United Kingdom
317 KB [English]
PPP Developments in Russian Federation
Prepared by Mr. Douglas J. Peden Prentice, Consultant
117 KB [English]
Developing and Financing the trans-European Transport Networks Perspectives and Instruments to Strengthen Private Sector Participation 
Prepared by Mr. Joachim Schneider, TEN policy, PPP DG TREN, European Commission
981 KB [English]
The Russian (Draft) Concession Law – Some Comments
Prepared by Mr. Dr. Wim A. Timmermans, Chair Legal Group, PPP Alliance, UN ECE Holsteijn Timmermans Advocaten, Leiden, Leiden University, The Netherlands
61 KB [English]
The Future Role of the UNECE PPP Alliance 61 KB [English]