Trade Development
Third International Forum on Trade Facilitation
Paperless Trade in International Supply Chains:
Enhancing Efficiency and Security
Date:  Venue:
20-21 June 2005 Salle XIX, United Nations
Geneva, Switzerland


The Executive Forum on “Paperless Trade in International Supply Chains: Enhancing Efficiency and Security” will be an occasion for all countries, enterprises and non-governmental organizations (NGOs) to work together to set a roadmap for the implementation of paperless trade to increase security and efficiency in international supply chains.

The sessions of the Forum will focus on the following: initiatives towards paperless trade taken by Governments and enterprises; the core issues and latest trends in automated information exchange for security and efficiency in international supply chains; best practices and benefits to national trade from Single Window implementations; the role that trade facilitation can play in simplifying and securing cross-border trade through standards and agreements.

Expected Outcomes

The Forum is expected to:

  • assess the current state of implementation of paperless trade;
  • take stock of the experience and lessons learned so far; and
  • identify the steps that both governments and the business community need to take to realize the benefits of paperless trade within a meaningful time frame.

The Forum will aim to develop a roadmap putting forward a list of key issues in the implementation of paperless trade, including policy-oriented recommendations with a view to creating a dynamic environment for a paperless-trade system.