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Convention on Access to Information,
Public Participation in Decision-making and Access to Justice
in Environmental Matters
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Second meeting of the Signatories
Cavtat, Dubrovnik, Croatia, 3-5 July 2000

Document title   English Français Русский
Provisional agenda (CEP/WG.5/2000/1 PDF ENG FRE RUS
Report (CEP/WG.5/2000/2) PDF ENG FRE RUS
Draft Rules of Procedure (CEP/WG.5/2000/3) PDF ENG FRE RUS
Report on the first meeting of the Task Force on Compliance mechanism (CEP/WG.5/2000/4) PDF ENG FRE RUS
Pollutant Release and Transfer Registers (CEP/WG.5/2000/5) PDF ENG FRE RUS
Report on the first meeting of the Task Force on genetically modified organisms (CEP/WG.5/2000/6) PDF ENG FRE RUS
Workshop on good practices in public participation (CEP/WG.5/2000/7) PDF ENG FRE RUS
Proposal to create an access-to-justice task force (CEP/WG.5/2000/8) PDF ENG FRE RUS
Strategic Environmental Assessment (CEP/WG.5/2000/9) (MP.EIA/WG.1/2000/16) PDF ENG FRE RUS
Key issues in the implementation of articles 7 and 8 (CEP/WG.5/2000/10) PDF ENG FRE RUS
Furthering the implementation of the Convention through the use of electronic tools and media (CEP/WG.5/2000/11) PDF ENG FRE RUS

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