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Convention on Access to Information,
Public Participation in Decision-making and Access to Justice
in Environmental Matters
Status of implementation
Guidance on reporting requirements ENG FRE RUS
Implementation report drafts submitted 2007/2008
Implementation reports 2008
Implementation reports 2005
Preparation of reports for the third meeting of the Parties
Reports from international, regional and NGOs 2008
Reports from international, regional and NGOs 2005

Status of implementation

There are formal and informal sources of information on the status of implementation of the Convention:

Formal sources comprise the reports submitted by Parties, Signatories and other States in accordance with the reporting requirements set out in Decision I/8 (PDF ENG FRE RUS) and Decision II/10 (PDF ENG FRE RUS).

Informal sources comprise various studies carried out by academics, NGOs, etc Some of these may be submitted to the meeting of the Parties in accordance with Decision I/8. Some may contain information which is relevant to the implementation of the Convention without actually being prepared specifically for the purpose of assessing its implementation.

Documentation prepared under the auspices of the compliance mechanism may also be relevant to the status of implementation.