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Convention on Access to Information,
Public Participation in Decision-making and Access to Justice
in Environmental Matters

Compliance Committee

Communications From the Public

In accordance with paragraphs 18 to 24 of the annex to decision I/7 of the first session of the Meeting of the Parties to the Aarhus Convention, communications may be brought before the Committee by one or more members of the public concerning any Party’s compliance with the Convention, unless that Party has notified the Depositary in writing by the end of the applicable period that it is unable to accept, for a period of not more than four years, the consideration of such communications by the Committee. The Depositary shall without delay notify all Parties of any such notification received. During the four-year period mentioned above, the Party may revoke its notification thereby accepting that, from that date, communications may be brought before the Committee by one or more members of the public concerning that Party’s compliance with the Convention.

The Committee has prepared an information sheet on communications from the public, available in ENG and RUS.

Reference N Country Committee's Findings
ACCC/C/2004/1 Kazakhstan PDF ENG FRE RUS
ACCC/C/2004/2 Kazakhstan PDF ENG FRE RUS
ACCC/C/2004/3 Ukraine PDF ENG FRE RUS
ACCC/C/2004/4 Hungary PDF ENG FRE RUS
ACCC/C/2004/5 Turkmenistan PDF ENG FRE RUS
ACCC/C/2004/6 Kazakhstan PDF ENG FRE RUS
ACCC/C/2004/7 Poland n/a
ACCC/C/2004/8 Armenia PDF ENG FRE RUS
ACCC/C/2004/9 Armenia n/a
ACCC/C/2004/10 Kazakhstan n/a
ACCC/C/2005/11 Belgium PDF ENG FRE RUS
ACCC/C/2005/12 Albania PDF ENG FRE RUS
ACCC/C/2005/13 Hungary PDF ENG FRE RUS
ACCC/C/2005/14 Poland n/a
ACCC/C/2005/15 Romania PDF ENG FRE RUS
ACCC/C/2006/16 Lithuania PDF ENG FRE RUS
ACCC/C/2006/17 European Community PDF ENG FRE RUS
ACCC/C/2006/18 Denmark PDF ENG FRE RUS
ACCC/C/2007/19 United Kingdom n/a
ACCC/C/2007/20 Kazakhstan n/a
ACCC/C/2007/21 European Community PDF ENG
ACCC/C/2007/22 France PDF ENG FRE RUS
ACCC/C/2008/23 United Kingdom PDF ENG    
ACCC/C/2008/24 Spain PDF ENG    
ACCC/C/2008/25 Albania n/a
ACCC/C/2008/26 Austria PDF ENG    
ACCC/C/2008/27 United Kingdom PDF ENG    
ACCC/C/2008/28 Denmark  
ACCC/C/2008/29 Poland PDF ENG    
ACCC/C/2008/30 Republic of Moldova PDF ENG    
ACCC/C/2008/31 Germany  
ACCC/C/2008/32 European Community PDF ENG    
ACCC/C/2008/33 United Kingdom PDF ENG    
ACCC/C/2008/34 Spain
ACCC/C/2008/35 Georgia PDF ENG
ACCC/C/2009/36 Spain PDF ENG FRE RUS
ACCC/C/2009/37 Belarus PDF ENG    
ACCC/C/2009/38 United Kingdom PDF ENG    
ACCC/C/2009/39 Austria
ACCC/C/2009/40 United Kingdom
ACCC/C/2009/41 Slovakia PDF ENG    
ACCC/C/2009/42 Hungary
ACCC/C/2009/43 Armenia PDF ENG    
ACCC/C/2009/44 Belarus  
ACCC/C/2010/45 United Kingdom  
ACCC/C/2010/46 United Kingdom
ACCC/C/2010/47 United Kingdom
ACCC/C/2010/48 Austria  
ACCC/C/2010/49 United Kingdom
ACCC/C/2010/50 Czech Republic  
ACCC/C/2010/51 Romania  
ACCC/C/2010/52 United Kingdom
ACCC/C/2010/53 United Kingdom  
ACCC/C/2010/54 European Union  
ACCC/C/2010/55 United Kingdom  
ACCC/C/2010/56 United Kingdom
ACCC/C/2011/58 Bulgaria  


Disclaimer: Presence of the text of the communication and other information submitted by the communicant and the Party concerned on this web site does not imply endorsement of their content by the Compliance Committee or by UNECE.