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Convention on Long-range Transboundary Air Pollution

Implementation Committee

The Implementation Committee was established by the Executive Body in 1997 to review compliance by Parties with their obligations under the protocols to the Convention.

The Committee's work focuses on three main areas:

- it reviews periodically compliance with Parties' reporting obligations

- considers any submission or referral of possible non-compliance by an individual Party with any of its obligations under a given protocol

- carries out in-depth reviews of specified obligations in an individual protocol at the request of the Executive Body

The Implementation Committee is not a decision-making body. It meets twice a year and reports annually to the Executive Body which makes decisions upon recommendations by the Committee.

The Committee consists of nine Parties to the Convention, each elected for a term of two years. The current composition is as follows: Austria, Canada, Cyprus, Croatia, Germany, Norway, the Netherlands, Slovenia and Switzerland (chair).

Full text of Decision 1997/2 concerning the Implementation Committee, its structure and functions and procedures for review of compliance as amended.

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