UNUnited Nations Economic Commission for Europe

Convention on Long-range Transboundary Air Pollution
Task Force on Integrated Assessment Modelling (TFIAM)

Chair's reports

The reports of the Task Force are prepared for the sessions of
the Working Group on Strategies and Review (WGSR) and the Steering Body to EMEP (EMEPSB)

38th meeting
17-19 May 2010
Dublin, Ireland
ECE/EB.AIR/WG.5/2010/11 (ECE/EB.AIR/GE.1/2010/4) Report to WGSR 47 and EMEPSB 34
37th meeting
22-24 February 2010
Geneva, Switzerland
Informal note
Will be included in report to WGSR 47 and EMEPSB 34
36th meeting
6-7 October 2009
Laxenburg, Austria
Informal note
Will be indluced in report to WGSR 47 and EMEPSB 34
35th meeting
8-10 June 2009
the Netherlands
ECE/EB.AIR/WG.5/2009/10 (ECE/EB.AIR/GE.1/2009/4) Report to WGSR 45 and EMEPSB 33
Workshop on non-binding aspirational targets for emission reductions for the year 2050
5-6 March 2009
Utrecht, the Netherlands
Report to WGSR 45 and EMEPSB 33
34th meeting
May 2008
Madrid, Spain
Report to WGSR 42 and EMEPSB 32
Workshop on integrated modelling of nitrogen
28-30 November 2007
Laxenburg, Austria
Report to WGSR 41 and EMEPSB 32
TFIAM report for the review of the 1999 Gothenburg Protocol
Prepared by the Task Force
Final report
(pdf format, 7,006 kB,
17 Oct 2007)
Report to WGE 26, EMEPSB 31, WGSR 40 and EB 25
33rd meeting
2-4 May 2007
Prague, Czech Republic
Report to WGSR 40 and EMEPSB31
Workshop on urban air pollution
16-17 Nov 2006
Laxenburg, Austria

(more information at CIAM web site)
Report to WGSR 40 and EMEPSB 31
32nd meeting
17-19 May 2006
Rome, Italy
Report to WGSR 38 and EMEPSB 30
31st meeting
8-9 December 2005
Gothenburg, Sweden
Report to WGSR 38 and EMEPSB 30
30th meeting
25-27 May 2005
Berlin, Germany
Report to WGSR 37 EMEPSB 29
29th meeting
10-12 May 2004
Amiens, France
Report to WGSR 36 and EMEPSB 28
28th meeting
7-9 May 2003
Haarlem, Netherlands
Report to WGSR 35 and EMEPSB 27
Workshop on the linkages and
synergies of regional and global emission controls

27-29 January 2003
Laxenburg, Austria
EB.AIR/WG.5/2003/5/Add.1 (EB.AIR/GE.1/2003/4/Add. 1) Report to WGSR 35 and EMEPSB 27
27th meeting
13-15 May 2002
Oslo, Norway
Report to WGSR 34 and EMEPSB 26
26th meeting
14-16 May 2001
Brussels, Belgium
Report to WGSR 33 and EMEPSB 25