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Convention on Long-range Transboundary Air Pollution
Expert Group on Heavy Metals

In preparation for the entry into force of the 1998 Protocol on Heavy Metals, the Executive Body for the Convention established the Expert Group on Heavy Metals in 2002. The Expert Group held two meetings and two scientific workshops. Led by Germany, the Expert Group has addressed the technical needs of the reviews and assessments required by the 1998 Aarhus Protocol on Heavy Metals. It has drafted procedures, methods and proposed timing for the scheduled evaluations of limit values, the review of sufficiency and effectiveness and the review of additional heavy metals, product control measures or products/product groups. The work has taken into account activities of relevant bodies under the Convention and synergies with the abatement of particulate matter.

The Expert Group’s work-plan was aimed at making preparations for the review of the Protocol on Heavy Metals. The timing for the start of this review will be decided by the Parties to the Protocol at their first meeting at the twenty-second session of the Executive Body in December 2004.