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Executive Body Session

Twenty-seventh session
Palais des Nations
Salle XII

14 - 18 December 2009

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Provisional Agenda
Report of the 27th session
Report (decisions)
Report (2010 workplan)
Progress in core activities
The 1998 POPs protocol including amendments adopted by the Parties on 18 December 2009
The 1998 POPs Protocol including amendments adopted by the Parties on 18 December 2009
Financial requirements for the implementation of the Convention
Twelfth report of the Implementation Committee
Activities of the Bureau
Orientation paper for the strategic vision of the Convention
Draft 2010 workplan for the effects-oriented activities
Draft 2010 workplan for EMEP
Draft 2010 workplan for the Working Group on Strategies and Review
Revision of the Protocol on POPs - draft decisions
Options for revising the Gothenburg Protocol
not issued
Information on the 2010 draft questionnaire on strategies and policies for air pollution abatement
Strategies and policies questionnaire (Part I) as adopted by EB
Strategies and policies questionnaire (Part II) as adopted by EB
Draft guidance document on BAT
In-depth review of protocol implementation
Draft strategy for EMEP for 2010 - 2019
Draft long-term strategy of the effects-oriented activities
Recommendations to the Executive Body
Other official documents
Report of the Working Group on Effects on its twenty-eighth session
Report of the Steering Body of EMEP on its thirty-third session
Report of the Working Group on Strategies and Review on its forty-third session
Report of the Working Group on Strategies and Review on its forty-fourth session
Report of the Working Group on Strategies and Review on its forty-fifth session
Proposals by Parties to amend the Protocol on Heavy Metals
Letter.amendment proposals.EU
Amendment proposals I and IV.EU
Letter from Secretariat.EBHOD_amendment proposal.EU
Amendment proposal.Sweden, European Council Presidency
Letter from Secretariat.EBHOD_amendment proposal.Sweden, EC Presidency
Amendment proposal.Switzerland
Letter from Secretariat.EBHOD_amendment proposal.Switzerland

Twenty-sixth session

No. 1: Revision of the Protocol on POPs - outcomes of the discussions by WGSR - 45
No. 2: Amendments to chapters III to V of annex V to the Protocol on POPs (Guidance on BAT)
No. 3: Guidelines for developing National strategies to use Air Quality Monitoring as an environmental Policy Tool
No. 4: Air Climate - Final conclusions
No. 5: UNECE's Convention on Long-range Transboundary Air Pollution celebrates 30 Anniversary. http://unece.org/press/pr2009/09env_p29e.htm
No. 6: Amendment to the Protocol of HMs- Proposal by the delegation of Switzerland
No. 7: Additional information on Trifluralin submitted by Canada
No. 8: Status of the CLRTAP and its related Protocols
No. 9: Spain's compliance-in-depth review
No. 10: Provisional list of meetings for 2010
No. 11: European HBCD industry working group statement
No. 12: Gothenburg Protocol, stationary engines: Euromot position
No. 13: In-depth review of implementation of the Protocol on POPs_by the Implementation Committee
No. 14: In-depth review of implementation of the Protocol on HM_by the Implementation Committee
No. 15: Comparision between the POPRC and TFPOPs
No. 16: UNEP/Heavy Metals
No. 17: ECE.EB.AIR.98.e_reviewed
No: 18: Draft report by the Chair of the TF on Integrated Assessment Modelling
No. 19: HMs amendment mandate_US.Canada proposal
No. 20: LRTAP draft TOR.BC group
No. 21: outcome of CBD.LRTAP- Expert workshop in Edinburgh
No. 22: International congress-Atmosphere 2010
No. 23: Outcome of the Extended Bureau Meeting
Presentations during the EB 27 session
2009 WGSR short report. R. Ballaman, Chairman
TFIAM 36th meeting-draft chairmans report available as info document
EMEP progress report.S. Vidic, Chairperson
EMEP-ADORC presentation.J. Luangjame.Network Centre of EANET(ADORC)
European HBCD Industry WG intervention.G. Dawkins
Greek presentation
Preparations for the revision of the Gothenburg protocol.M.Amann.CIAM.IIASA
Near-term radiative forcing.M.Amann.CIAM.IIASA
Outcome of the Gothenburg workshop on Air Pollution and climate change. M. Ullerstam.Swedish-EPA
Seventh Ministerial Conference.Environment for Europe and Sustainable Development Team
WGE activity report. T. Johannessen
Conference Registration form WORD
ECE Practical Information for Participants