UNUnited Nations Economic Commission for Europe

Convention on Long-range Transboundary Air Pollution

Executive Body
Executive Body

Twenty-fourth session
held at the Palais des Nations
11-14 December 2006
(Salle VII)

Practical Information for Participants

Twenty-fourth documents:
ECE/EB.AIR/88 Provisional Agenda
ECE/EB.AIR/89 Report on the 24th session
ECE/EB.AIR/89/Corr. 1 Report on the 24th session
Corr. 1 (English only)
ECE/EB.AIR/89/Corr.2 Report on the 24th session
ECE/EB.AIR/89/Add.1 Report on the 24th session
(EB Decision)
ECE/EB.AIR/2006/1 Progress in Core Activities
ECE/EB.AIR/2006/2 Financial Issues
ECE/EB.AIR/2006/3 Compliance with Protocol Obligations
(Implementation Committee Report)
ECE/EB.AIR/2006/3/Add.1 Compliance with Protocol Obligations, Add.1
(Implementation Committee Report)
ECE/EB.AIR/2006/3/Add.1/Corr.1 Compliance with Protocol Obligations, Add.1/Corr.1
(Implementation Committee Report)
ECE/EB.AIR/2006/3/Add.2 Compliance with Protocol Obligations, Add.2
(Implementation Committee Report)
ECE/EB.AIR/2006/3/Add.2/Corr.1 Compliance with Protocol Obligations, Add.2/Corr.1
(Implementation Committee Report)
ECE/EB.AIR/2006/4 Strategies and Policies
ECE/EB.AIR/2006/4/Add.1 Strategies and Policies, Add.1
ECE/EB.AIR/2006/4/Add.1/Corr.1 Strategies and Policies, Add.1/Corr.1
ECE/EB.AIR/2006/4/Add.2 Strategies and Policies, Add.2
ECE/EB.AIR/2006/5 Draft workplan description
ECE/EB.AIR/2006/6 Plan for review of the gothenburg Protocol
ECE/EB.AIR/2006/7 Procedure for accreditation of NGOs
ECE/EB.AIR/2006/8 Possibilities for opening the Convention
(ECE/EB.AIR/WG.1/2006/4 /Rev.1)
Draft 2007 workplan for effects-oriented activtities, Rev.1
Draft 2007 workplan for EMEP
Draft 2007 worplan for WGSR
Financing of Effects-Oriented Activities
Implementation of the action plan for EECCAA countries


Relevant documents of subsidiary bodies:
ECE/EB.AIR/WG.5/82 W. G. on Strategies and Review Report
(Meeting of the Heads of Delegation)
ECE/EB.AIR/WG.5/84 W. G. on Strategies and Review Report
(38th Session)
ECE/EB.AIR/GE.1/2006/2 EMEP Report
(30th Session)
ECE/EB.AIR/WG.1/2006/2 WG on Effects
(25th Session)
Additional documents:
ECE/EB.AIR/WG.5/2006/2 Review of Protocol on Heavy Metals (as amended)
ECE/EB.AIR/WG.5/2006/10 Review of the Protocol on POPs
ECE/EB.AIR/WG.5/2006/11 Ad-hoc Group on Legal Experts on POPs
Other relevant documents:
CIAM Report 1/2006
"Draft RAINS input data for projections of air pollutant emissions and their sources in the non-EU countries up to 2020"

Twenty-third session documents