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19 November 2010   UNECE Annual Energy Week, 22 - 26 November 2010
20 September 2010   International Energy Efficiency Forum, 28-30 September 2010, Astana, Kazakhstan
25 June 2010   Poland confirms its commitment to the United Nations Framework Classification for Fossil Energy and Mineral Reserves and Resources 2009
11 June 2010   Launch of Group of Experts on Global Energy Efficiency 21
9 June 2010   UNECE project on Energy Efficiency moves closer to establishing Investment Fund (available in Russian)
19 January 2010   UNECE celebrates 20th anniversary of its Working Party on Gas
16 November   UNECE energy week to discuss Energy Security and the Financial Crisis
22 June 2009   UNECE to participate in International Energy Conference, Vienna, 22-24 June
5 June 2009   The five United Nations regional commissions cooperate on energy efficiency
16 January 2009   Gazprom to Present Natural Gas Situation in Europe to the UNECE Working Party on Gas
12 January 2009   Natural Gas Storage for Enhanced Energy Security under Consideration by the UNECE Working Party on Gas
10 December 2008   Revised UNFC aims to simplify reporting of energy and mineral reserves and resources in a globalized world
18 November 2008   Investing in Energy Security Risk Mitigation
Strategic alliances between national and international energy companies offer the key
28 May 2008   Energy efficiency crucial for european energy security and climate change mitigation
27 May 2008   Energy Efficiency for Global Climate Changes Mitigation
13 February 2008   Lavrov endorses enhanced energy security dialogue
 24 April 2007
12 December 2006
27 November 2006
UNECE works for energy efficiency
[What UNECE does for you, Issue No. 6 - 27 November 2006]

13 July 2006
13 July 2006   UNECE Energy Security Forum Report for G8 Summit received by Russian Government
9 June 2006   A new Energy Efficiency 21 tool for climate change mitigation

28 June 2006   Society of Petroleum Engineers and UNECE implement MoU to develop a global harmonized classification system for petroleum resources

3 February 2006
  Carbon Emissions Reduced by United Nations Project
15 July 2005