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Specifications for UNFC-2009


At the Seventh Session of the Group of Experts held in Geneva, April 2009, there was detailed discussion on the recommendations provided by the UNFC Revision Task Force on whether it was needed and/or desirable to develop specifications and guidelines for UNFC-2009. The Expert Group agreed that a Specifications Task Force (comprising four small working groups) should be established to focus on each of the four needs identified to which UNFC-2009 should respond: (a) industry business processes, (b) Government resources management, (c) international energy and mineral studies, and (d) financial reporting.

Mandate of Specifications Task Force

  1. To document the specific requirements for specifications and guidelines that can be identified for each of the four areas (a) to (d) and indicate whether or not those needs are sufficiently well addressed in the CRIRSCO Template and/or the SPE/AAPG/WPC/SPEE Petroleum Resources Management System (SPE-PRMS).

  2. By considering all four needs together, there would be assurance that consideration would be given to the potential for applying consistent specifications and guidelines across all four needs, thus creating an added value for all.

  3. The Task Force is not requested to attempt to write new specifications and guidelines, but to report back on its findings to the Expert Group at its first Session (April 2010).

  4. The Expert Group will consider what action should be taken, based on the conclusions of the Specifications Task Force.

Specifications Task Force Members

Chairman: Jim Ross

  • Energy and mineral studies: Tim Klett and Yuri Podturkin (representing the Russian Working Group)
  • Government resources management: Per Blystad, Kjell-Reidar Knudsen and Ian Lambert
    Industry business process management: Roger Dixon and David MacDonald
  • Financial reporting: Ferdi Camisani, David Elliott and Danny Trotman.

Observers: Michael Lynch-Bell and Charlotte Griffiths

Report of Specifications Task Force

Stakeholder Requirements for Specifications for UNFC-2009

This Report was presented in draft form to the first session of the Expert Group on Resource Classification as the basis on which it considered how best to accommodate the stated needs of stakeholders for specifications to be provided for UNFC-2009. The Report includes a number of recommendations written by the Task Force based on the stakeholder feedback received. The recommendations also include examples of issues for which generic UNFC-2009 specifications might be considered appropriate.

In view of the unique nature and significance of the information contained in the Report, it was further agreed that a summary should be published as an official ECE document. In line with the report of the eighteenth session of the Committee on Sustainable Energy (ECE/ENERGY/80, para 21(k)), the summary of the Report of the Specifications Task Force will be issued as a document for the nineteenth session of the Committee.

New Specifications Task Force

The first session of the Expert Group agreed to establish a new Specifications Task Force, with formal CRIRSCO and SPE involvement, to:

  1. consider all issues raised in the final version of the Task Force Report

  2. identify those issues that are fully addressed in both the CRIRSCO Template and SPE-PRMS; and

  3. recommend that all other issues are either: inappropriate for specifications (e.g. the issue is considered to be a disclosure issue rather than a classification matter); accommodated by modification/addition to the CRIRSCO Template and/or SPE-PRMS; or addressed by developing generic specifications for UNFC-2009.

The recommendations of the Specification Task Force in this regard should be published for public comment and revision (if necessary) before submission to the second session of the Expert Group for approval or otherwise.